Say Cheese! Sit up! Act right! Smile!

I’m sure that’s how I sounded the day we were taking our family pictures…it was quite an adventure! 🙂

We met up with my dear friend A (from A Work of A.R.T. Photography…check her out on Facebook!) on a beautiful October afternoon to take family pics. She chose a park I’d never been too…but it had beautiful water features and benches and shaded areas…not to mention all the gorgeous fall colors in the trees. The park was full of other couples taking pictures, dads and daughters fishing, and children playing. (Probably the most awesome part of all was the costume party for a bunch of little ones…we saw superman riding on a play horse next to Woody, a little devil sliding down the slide, and princesses running and playing. So adorable!)

We made quite the scene ourselves…between the 3 of us, Huxley, a bag of props, a bag of puppy supplies / beauty stuff, a frame, big ol’ candy canes for an experimental picture, and a blanket it took all of us to get from one spot to the next. And even though we brought Huxley’s stake so that we could clip him in for the pictures he wasn’t in, photographer extraordinaire A held his leash WHILE she took our pictures!

Trust me, there were no other photographers in the park doing that!

So, without further adieu…here are the pictures!

This is one of my fav pics…it is just so fun!

Made that banner myself…you know how I love a pretty banner!!

Aren’t those fall colors beautiful?!

All you need is LOVE…and a dog. 🙂

I think the effects on this picture are so cool!

I got the idea for this picture from pinterest, and I love what it represents about our family! It shows how we’ve grown…I can’t wait to hold this picture next year in a new photo shoot to see where we are and how we’ve changed!

And, as if all those amazing pictures aren’t exciting enough, I got a tremendous deal on prints, cards, and a photobook from Shutterfly. (You’ll remember it from my post Photo Albums on the Fly.) More on that when my order comes in, but in the meantime you really should head over to and check out their beautiful Christmas cards. I got 40% off my cards AND free shipping.  Boo-yah!

So thank you again A for spending the afternoon with us and taking on a wild puppy and a silly husband for a photo shoot! You rock!


P.S. – That’s not all that’s happening in the picture world…hold on for the out-takes in a couple of days!

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2 thoughts on “Say Cheese! Sit up! Act right! Smile!

  1. Yay!! Thanks for the shout-out! Pretty soon I’m going to be paying YOU for advertising, I keep getting calls! Love it and I’m so glad you love the pictures!


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