Kitchen Diaries…

I hereby dedicate this little corner of my blog to documenting and sharing my *bon*appetite* moments.

Now before you start laughing (if you haven’t already!) just give me a chance to explain.

We all know that I burn things. Regularly.

We all know that I make things that are far, far from edible. Regularly.

But what some people take for granted is that I actually do cook completely edible, albeit not that original, meals. Regularly. ;)

So while “The Kitchen Diaries” will be a place for me to share my failures, it will also be a place for me to share my successes. Hopefully as I share recipes and ideas with you guys, you’ll drop me comments or an e-mail ( with kitchen or recipe ideas to try.

One last disclaimer for ya…I’m just going to go ahead and say that 100% of these recipes are not going to be mine. My husband doesn’t let me experiment in the kitchen, and it’s for good reason. So I’ll make sure to site each recipe and send you to the person / source that deserves all the accolades.

Eh…Let me explain: Mishaps and Do-Overs

*The Kitchen Diaries: Why

*My Cookin’ Secrets

Anything but Food: Kitchen & Grocery Tips

*Nifty Recipe Binder

*Homemade Play-doh

*Hot Almond Tea

Dummy-Proof Recipes: If I can do it, so can you!

*Slap Yo’ Mother-in-law Good (Bacon Potato Salad)

*Beenie-Weenies…the Adult Version

*Pizza Balls

*Chicken Roll-Ups…with a bonus recipe for the best chicken enchiladas ever!

*Chicken Caesar Salad Pockets

*Deconstructed Candy Apples

*Christmas Treats

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