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Making our house a Christmas home…

One of Chris’ very best friends was over at our house this evening just hanging out. He doesn’t get to come in often, but when he does he is the epitome of politeness. Total gentlemen, that one. When he walked in the house today he looked around and said…”Ah, it smells so good in here. Like Christmas.”

Those few small words meant to so much to my little home-maker soul. I have always enjoyed decorating, but “making a home” took on new meaning once I got married. I really work hard to make our house a home…comfortable for us and those who come over. Having someone acknowledge that really meant a lot to me. 🙂

So tonight I thought I’d just share a few pictures of our Christmas decor…you’ve already caught a glimpse of the tree; now you can enjoy the rest!


I was able to re-use the banners I made last year (yay!) and tried to add touches of the red & blue throughout the living room. I also found several really great chalk-board prints to add here and there. They were kind of a last minute addition, but I love them!

021022022 018

AH! Like that right there…on the buffet. I’ve had more compliments on the buffet than on anything else. It legitimately looks like the doors are chalkboards (which actually gives me a really great idea!) but all I did was print those out and tape them on! I love the look, and it totally completed the look.  020

You might have noticed these sweet little things in one of the pictures above…Mom found them for me at a garage sale. I think they are so sweet, plus they are the perfect play size for my niece Ailey. Even Huxley sniffed around the baby Jesus…he must be a Christian! 😉


The corner near the door was the perfect place for our angel fatheads…and more importantly, for the amazingly beautiful blue and red wreath mom made for me! I love, love, love it!



Our stockings look perfect with the decor…I definitely look forward to hanging those for many years to come! Oh, and see that little lit-up present in the corner? Mom and I made those one year…and let me tell ya, they are a lot of work!


Something fun I did this year was find simple ways to “add a little something” using leftover ribbon / string from the ornaments I made. I thought it was an easy and fun way to tie everything together, and it gives everything a pretty look.


Our big ol’ Advent banner leads us into the dining room. Last year it had fun little “activities” for us to do each day…but since many of them didn’t get done I had to re-evaluate this year. I decided instead to write a set of verses on each one for Advent…that is working out much better. (And best of all, it won’t have to be changed from year to year!)


Here’s a few pics of the kitchen / dining room…everything gets decorated around here!

040 039 038

Hanging our stockings was something new I tried out this year…the two on the right are from when we were kids. Love my mouse!

037 036

Oh yes, and another fun element I added this year was big ribbon to my cabinets…I’m using tiny little clothespins to attach the Christmas cards that we receive to the ribbon. It’s a fun & easy  way to display the cards…you should give it a try! 🙂


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It’s fall y’all!

When September 1st rolled around, there was only one thing on my mind.

Well, that’s not exactly true. There were like a bazillion things on my mind…it was right after the first week of school after all.

BUT, there was one thing in particular I was really, really wanting to do.

Decorate for fall.

Too bad it was over 100 degrees and felt too blazing hot to even consider pulling out my make-me-feel-all-warm-inside fall decorations.

So I gave it a week, and was blessed with the perfect autumn weather this past weekend…totally got me in the mood.

Here’s a peek at my fall decor, without a lot of words…because, let’s be honest, this isn’t rocket science. (And it also isn’t so very different than last years decor, which I also blogged about. I actually pulled up that blog to get me going…see, this thing does come in handy sometimes!)

Gotta send a shout-out to my mother-in-law for the quilt and table runner I’m displaying right now…so beautiful. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a decorating tip…my favorite fall “filler” item to use when decorating is coffee beans. Besides the wonderful aroma, they have this deep, rich color and have a nice texture…they just really add to the “warmness” of autumn.

What about you? Do you decorate for fall? (I’m just getting started by the way…October will be here before we know it and then I’ll have to bust out all my Halloween decor and switch it up a bit!) *Love*


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