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This is what it looks like…

…when a teacher, ahem, let me clarify, a sick teacher goes back to work.

4 loads of laundry…clean dishes, dirty dishes, needing to soak dishes…

This is what it looks like when a teacher can’t for the life of her get her fuzzy head to concentrate on lesson plans.

Every year, for five years, I have typed my lesson plans for the first week of school in detailed, day by day script form. This year wasn’t supposed to be any different, except that I couldn’t wrap my head around what I wanted to do. I had to bust out the chart paper and markers, make a big ol’ chart, and map it all out. There was a method to the madness, but geez.

This is what it looks like when a teacher leaves school and comes home before the first week of school.

And this, my friends, is what it looks like when a teacher goes back to work, is sick, has a sweet husband…and may or may not have gotten into an argument over the phone regarding flex card savings plans. In front of the insurance guy and several new teachers. Ahem.

I would take a picture of where I got my shots today to show you what it looks like when a teacher goes in for two shots and a z-pack, but this is not really that kind of blog. But I will say that my tushy is still quite sore. The rest of me has turned a corner though, so I should be recovered and ready to go come Monday.

And it’s a good thing, ’cause those Kinders have pity on no one. NO ONE. Trust me on that.


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Bad, bad puppy mommy!!

Apparently that’s what I am. :{

I’ll spare you all the yucky details, but Huxley baby has had an upset stomach for the last couple of days. It could have been way worse, but it’s the worst we’ve experienced with him yet…with the biggest ‘excitement’ (although it feels wrong to call it that) occuring at about 3:30 this morning.

No bueno.

Luckily the husband was able to take him into the vet today and they kept him for the day to observe him and give him a thorough check-up. The doctor was confident that there are no blockages (thank God!) so he got an antibiotic and some anti-naseau medicine and an otherwise clean bill of health.

Well, sort of.

She said the reason he found himself in this situation is because he has not been making healthy choices with what he digests lately.

In other words, eating every stick in the yard, our wicker coffee table, the wicker blanket basket, the straw toy basket, the rug, and every other random foreign object he can fit into his mouth is not really the best choice for his digestive health.

Her recommendation (as it was relayed through the husband) was that he be closely supervised and given plenty of chew toys.

I wholeheartedly agree. If anything, Huxley is OVERLY supervised. And he has had enough chew toys to keep an orphanage busy for a year. And in case anyone doubts my mothering skills, here are the blog posts to prove that I am a good puppy mommy.

Nature vs. Nurture…our puppy social experiment (pay close attention to the pics of all his toys!)

Poop in my Purse (one of my most popular posts & proof that I am a dedicated parent)

Honey! We’re Home! (when I discovered Hux’s sarcoptic mange in record timing)

Helicopter Mom…that’s me! (see! here’s the proof that I am overbearing and overprotective!)

So all that being said…why do I still feel like a bad puppy mommy? Because despite all my watching, I’ve let him chew on sticks without a second thought. I’ve even let him go at the wicker baskets a little longer than I know I should have because at least he’s busy for a few minutes.

Oh the dilemmas of puppy parenting. 😦

He’s resiliant though…home and hungry and chewing away on a puppy granola bar. I’m really going to lay the smack-down on what he puts in his mouth. (No, I’m not going to smack him. I’m just not going to tolerate him putting randomness in his mouth.) And I’m going to try and stop googling images like “dog vomit” and “Which end of my dog did this smelly stuff just come out of?” *insert spine shiver here…those searches seriously grossed me out!*

Oh yes, and tomorrow I’m taking him to PetSmart to buy a truckload of high quality chew toys.

Nobody implies that I’m a bad mother!


P.S. – I love my vet and really in no way think that she was judging me. Just for the record. 😉

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