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Dave Ramsey gets a makeover.

It’s Mooooonnnnnnnnnddddddaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy. I probably feel the same about Mondays as I do about budgeting. Necessary, but not always my fav part of the week. As you guys know, Chris and I have been on a journey to pay off all of our debt. I wish I had really been keeping track, but I do know we’ve paid off somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,ooo…that would be my student loan, both of our vehicles, both of our credit cards (one of which included our honeymoon costs), and a couple of Chris’ student loans. I’m not saying that to brag, just to give glory to the Lord for helping us perservere and become more disciplined in money matters. The last couple of months we allowed ourself to stop pouring all of our extra onto the loans to take care of holiday costs, but now we are ready to get back on track and hit it hard.

And perserverance we will definitely need, because as it stands right now, our goal is to have all of his loans paid off in the year 2016.


It’s only slightly horrifying to think about it taking that long, but in reality, if we get it done by then we will be waaaay ahead of the payoff schedule. Chris says when they are paid off he is going to run a-la-nude through the streets…but I think instead we’ll just call Dave Ramsey and scream “WE’RE DEBT FREE!”

Speaking of Dave, his expertise has really helped us take charge of our financial future and make serious progress in our debt payoffs. We don’t follow him to the letter, but we have made a lot of changes thanks to his teaching. One of those changes is going to a mostly cash system. It gets a little easier every month…and I think this new discovery is going to make it a little more fun.

And that’s why I want to share with you….cute dyi cash envelopes! Of course I found this idea via Pinterest, and you can visit this blog to find the printable template to make your own cash envelopes! Yay!

Start with cute paper of your choosing…cut it down so that it will fit in your printer if you need to.


Print the template…so easy to do!


Cut out on the dark line…


Glue or tape edges together…


And voila! Beautiful cash envelopes to make your budgeting a little more fun & classy!


Once your envelopes are constructed you can fill them with moolah and then keep track of your spending on the printed table. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

I don’t have any $$ in my envelopes yet because…to be honest…we’ve basically spent all of our money for this pay period. But I’m definitely looking forward to filling them up soon!


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Vacation on a Budget

Happy Friday!

As you know, we’re really tring to cinch up the ol’ belt around these parts.

So, when vacation time started rolling around, I knew I would need to pinch pennies, budget, and have enough cash on hand to not use any form of plastic. Obviously, this took a lot of prior planning.

One way I keep myself organized is with my handy-dandy binder. I found this before we went on our honeymoon, and it’s been very handy for all of our travels since that time.

I believe I found it at Wal-Mart…it’s a plastic binder, with plastic folders inside. Each folder has a pocket on the front and back…so there’s plenty of storage space.

The first folder has the directions to our Bed & Breakfast destination, along with our reservation paperwork. The little pocket has our gas money in one envelope, along with the cash I used to buy our lunch food.

Yep, that’s the first step I made towards saving money. I borrowed a little cooler from my parents and stocked it with sandwich stuff and bottled water. Then I loaded up our newest pinic basket with chips, bread, oreos, and paper goods. The plan is to eat a picnic lunch each day we’re gone…I figure this will save us somewhere around $50!

As for our bed & breakfast, I cashed in a Groupon for the “Serentiy Farmhouse Inn” in Wimberly, TX. Valued at $511, I paid only $199 for a 2-night stay, complete with a farm-fresh breakfast each morning and fresh flowers in our room.

Oh, and yes, also in this folder is a coupon for the cute little brick-oven pizza place we’re going to eat at on our first night. score!

The second folder has our plans for the second day. We’re going to visit the Natural Bridge Caverns and Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch near San Antonio, TX. Besides our directions, I have the tickets I paid for online for the caverns (they had a discount that way!), the cash we’ll need, and a coupon to use for our admission at the Wildlife Ranch.

Love those coupons!

The third folder has our directions, tickets, and cash (in a plastic baggie of course!) for Schlitterbahn. I was able to get a fairly decent discount on Schlitterbahn tickets through my teacher association. I’m also excited that they’ll let people bring in coolers w/ food and drinks, so that will save us a lot of money while we’re in the park!

After Schlitterbahn I booked a hotel room for us at a La Quinta about 30 miles up the road. That little bit of distance saved us about $40, plus I was able to get an additional discount through my teacher union. Woo-hoo!

The most exciting part about that pocket is the envelope of cash to pay for our hotel room. It feels awesome to be able to pay with cash for a room!

The last pocket is directions to get us back to my parents house so that we can pick up our little pup and visit with the fam for a couple of days. We so appreciate them taking care of Huxley for us…they aren’t “housedog” people, so it really means a lot.

The last envelope includes a few additional coupons I found, in case we need them, and an envelope of cash for our food money. My goal is to come home with some cash leftover…wouldn’t that be sweet?!

Most of the trip was funded by the earnings I made working at camp a few weeks ago, supplemented by some of our grocery and gas money that was already planned for this pay period. I estimate (only because I’m not feeling like doing anything above kindergarten math right now) that the 4-day trip will cost somewhere between $500-$600. Perfect, since I earned $605 from camp!

I know others could have probably taken this trip even cheaper, but for me…it’s a start. (Especially considering last year our vacation cost over $1000!) I’m looking forward to getting away with the husby and showing him a little more of Texas.

And I’m pretty proud that the vacation won’t follow us home. (i.e. – no credit card bills to pay it off!) 😉


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