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Look at my pretties!

Falalalalaaaaaa…happy Monday everyone!

It isn’t quite feelin’ like fall out there these days…which is a bummer…but I’m still feelin’ the fall spirit. Had me a pumpkin spice latte this weekend, spent quality time with my Ma & Pa, and bumped my running time up to 28 minutes. I can make it about 2.5 miles in that time (I told you I was slow…don’t judge me!) so I’ve got a little less than 3 weeks to build it up to just over 3 miles!

Monday’s are kinda hard to get goin’…so I thought I’d share a few pretties with y’all today.

First up…my fall banner! This was the last banner I needed to make…I’ve made a banner/set of banners for every season of this past year, so unless I just want a specialty one, I’ve got all that I’ll need from this point on!

Second…My 2nd BirchBox came in! This one had a yummy smelling perfume, moisturizer, body cream, body tape, hair band, and bright blue nail polish. The polish is definitely a major pop of color, but once I adjusted to the brightness I decided I really like it. It’s a fun color!

Third…my new Union28 shirt! When Chris saw the packaging he was worried that I’d ordered him a “My Wife Rocks” shirt (should that hurt my feelings?). He said it would “dorky” for him to wear one. 😛

He did, however, seem pretty pleased when he saw that it was a shirt for me, and what it said. I think it’s pretty cute personally…very happy with it! And…just in case you happen to be interested in a husband-lovin’ shirt for yourself, they’ve been running awesome specials recently. Check ’em out at

So that’s all I’ve got for ya…how’d ya like that?! 🙂


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7 Quick Takes (Vol.1)

I’m all into the linky parties these days…mostly because it’s summer and I have time to link up and check out other people’s blogs. 🙂 With that in mind, I found “7 Quick Takes” from to be perfect for me today…cause I’ve got lots of random little tidbits to pass along. Happy Friday friends!


1. Vinegar is changing my life.

It’s true. Who knew I had such a jewel right there in my kitchen cabinets?! So far I’ve used it to get stains out of my carpet and off of the bottom of our tub. No before pictures because I was in too big of a hurry to test it out. No after pictures because…well, honestly because it just looks like clean carpet and a clean tub. Check out these pins…forge your own little love affair with vinegar!

*Tub cleaner

*Carpet cleaner

Pinned ImageANNNNNDDDDDD…I love the idea of filling one of these with the tub cleaner and just keeping it in there…it would make it so simple to scrub it down each day and keep the shower nice and sparkling clean!


2. If I do nothing else in a day, I will take a nap.

I’ve had too many friends tell me lately that I better enjoy my random sleeping in and nap times…so by golly that’s what I’m doing. I’ve dedicated this summer to sleeping as much as I can, whenever I can. We aren’t planning to have a baby any time soon, but you never really know with things like that…for all I know this could be my last summer to sleep my little heart away. (Plus I hear that when you are older…aka empty nesters…your body doesn’t let you just sleep like you can when you are younger.) The way I figure it, I’m in my nap prime right now.

Pinned Image



3. Sometimes I’m a wee hormonal emotional weepy …oh you know what I’m getting at here…and cry over pins I’ve found.

60 Tiny Love Stories to Make You Smile

This was one such pin. It is 60 Tiny Love Stores to Make You Smile…and it is filled with acts of true love, friendship, and random acts of kindness. Restores your hope in humanity a bit, and definitely warms your heart.


4. The road to financial peace is long and hard…but I’m happy to have my man by my side as we truck along.

(*Bummer…that’s kind of hard to read. The woman is saying “After all these years, he still can’t keep his hands off me. The man is saying “If I let go, she shops. Bahaha…so true!) 

Lately our Dave Ramsey homework has been all about being correctly insured, having a clean credit report, and getting that debt snowball rolling. Prayers, well wishes, and any donations would be sincerely appreciated as we make the push to pay off the first loan in August!

You think I’m kidding about the donations. I’m not. Or am I? Oh no worries, as soon as we can get Brangelina to adopt us all will be well and we’ll be debt free! 😉


5. I eat books for breakfast.

Does that make me sound bad-a? I mean, in a nerdy sort of way? I’ve been meaning to pass along some of the latest stuff I’ve read. You should read them too…then we can be book buddies.

*The Sword of Lyric Series – This is a 3 book, fictional, Christian series. It’s got love (but not looooovvveee, if you catch my drift), action, and faith. I saw elements from “The Giver”…a few that reminded me of “Hunger Games” (although I may be the only person who interpreted that connection)…and an intriguing plot that I hadn’t seen anywhere before.

*Like a Crown: Adventures in Autism – Gotta give a shout out here to some friends from my hometown here. This book was written by the husband of one of my mom’s coworkers, and I personally know the star character of the book. That made it a great read, but others can take plenty away from it as well. It gives great insight into working and interacting with autistic children and adults.

*Shadow of Colossus – Borrowed this one from a friend, and looking forward to reading more of the series. I’d classify this one as historical Christian fiction. Again…love, action, and faith come together for a pretty great read.


6. I’m ’bout to quit my day job and become a full time banner maker.

Okay. So not really. But I have spent a substantial amount of time this week making banners, note cards, and clipboards to sell at a Christmas bazaar. I reallllyyyy hope people buy them, because if they don’t…well let’s just say I hope my entire family likes modge-podged scrapbook paper crafts.

(Hey, it would still be better than the Christmas I wanted to get everyone’s gifts from tv infomercials…right?!)


7. My dog and I are bff’s…and as soon as I can find charms for a both necklace & dog collar on etsy we’ll have the matching set to prove it.

Awh…this just makes my heart melt. This spunky little guy keeps me company everyday…and I mean literally. He follows me everywhere I go. I can’t move without him creeping on me.

Not to brag or anything, but it does feel pretty good to have someone stalk be so interested in me.


That’s all I’ve got…how’d ya like that?!


P.S. – I’m taking a week off of this thing called blogging…so if you don’t see me around, then no worries. I haven’t dropped off the edge of the earth or been abducted by aliens. Or at least, let’s hope I haven’t…

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