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Little Monkey Man

My sister-in-law is expecting a little monkey at the end of May. (No silly, not a monkey-monkey. A little baby boy monkey.) Isn’t she looking beautiful?!

After a false alarm a couple of weeks ago, the push to get his room finished up became a top priority. I was excited to help out by making a few wall decorations for his “jungle” themed room. After a quick trip to the scrapbook store, a consultation with the mommy-to-be, and a little cutting and pasting…I had a banner, two photo-mats, and a piece of letter N wall art ready to go!

First up, the banner. (I’m getting pretty speedy at making these….)

Don’t you *love* his name? The more I hear it, the more I love it. Can’t wait until he’s here!

I think his PahPah gets credit for the “Monkey” nickname…his sister is “Bug.”

Next up, the photo mats. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of them once they were framed. They look really sharp with a nice dark-brown frame edging them. 🙂

Luckily the colors in the paper match the bedding perfectly…#win!

And lastly, the letter art. I was happy with this one initially….

and then I was totally pumped about it once it was framed.

I thought about painting the frame brown, but they are always talking about wanting more color in their home…so I went for it!

Once I had them ready, I could hardly stand to wait for the paint to dry before delivering them. K seemed thrilled with them, and I can’t wait to see everything up and ready for the little monkey man to be here! Thanks for letting me help with his room K!


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Dust off your hot glue gun ladies.

Mmmm…there’s just something about the smell of a hot glue gun warming up.

*Love it!*

As promised, today I’ll give you the play by play of the flower pomanders. (aka – flower balls) Before I get started, here’s the link for the pinterest source. Sadly, this was not my genius idea. Gah. And yes, if you click on the link you will see that this craft was featured on the Rachel Ray Show.

Seriously, why did I not think of this first?! 😉

Alas, here’s what you’ll need:

– flowers of your choice (I think the bigger blooms look prettier)

– wiffle balls (for however many pomanders you want to make)

– hot glue gun / glue

– ribbon (if you want them to hang)

And here’s what you do:

Pull off your blooms…tie the ribbon on if you wanna. 😉

Put hot glue on the base of the flower & pop it into one of the holes.

Contine until all the holes are filled with blooms…

And before you know it…ta-da! 4 pomanders complete!

Then you can hang ’em…

 Or set it on a vase!

So simple right?! You can do it, you can do it!

And if you feel like you won’t get them done before V-day…then no worries! Make a St. Patricks day ball, or an easter-themed ball, or get your beautiful spring blooms out and ready. Better yet, have a crafty night with friends….this is the perfect <practically brainless> craft to work on while you talk & eat!


P.S. – You DEFINITELY have time to print out a few of these Valentine prints for your frames…decorating in a snap!

An adorable printable for your sweetie…

Keep Calm & Get Your Cupid On

Valentine Subway Art

Eighteen25…*love* their stuff!

More Subway Art

Gray & Pink


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