Scattered Saturday…”This is”

Here we are again…my favorite day of the week! Here’s the high points of my week….how was yours? 🙂

1. This is how my Dad has started doing laundry. He should have been a pioneer man!

2.This is how my toes look after I got them did. I love a good pedicure!

 3. This is my destructive little badger. He was almost kicked out to the curb by my husband this week. 😦 Any suggestions for a puppy who loves to chew? (And, just for the record, the stick you see in front of him is the last one he was allowed to chew. That was before the “error of my ways” was pointed out to me.)

4. This is the collection of new chew toys I bought in the attempt to make Huxley stop chewing us out of house and home!

5. This is what my door still looks like today. Good thing there’s no homeowner’s association…

6. This is the new recipe I tried this week…yum! Honey glazed chicken and bacon – husband and brother approved!

Pinned Image


7. This is the craft I made last night at the “crafty ladies night” we had at church…turkey pops! Crafts, food, fun, and friends…yes please!!

8. This is a preview of the family pics we recently took…I love them! There’s a post coming soon with more pics!

9. This is my new classroom behavior management tool. Think it’ll work? If all else fails, I can bounce on it incessently when I finally go crazy…

I do seriously have a little trampoline now. I’m just too lazy to go and take a picture of it.

10. This is what I’m going to be doing all day today.

Well that and cleaning out the garage. Hooray! (*That last part should be read with a healthy dose of sarcasm.)

And that’s all I got for ya…what’d ya think about that?


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