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Has it been 3 years already?!

Happy November all! Our Halloween was fun (I survived a wacky day at school. By wearing a candy corn costume most of the afternoon. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…right?) and we enjoyed Trunk or Treating at our church. Here’s a few pictures of our Americano familio.

Uncle Sam, the Statue of Liberty, and…a hotdog.

Our USA-themed trunk…the kids got to vote on which was better…”tricks” or “treats!”

Huxley *hated* his costume. Hehehe.

But now Halloween is over, the decorations are down, and we’ve got no candy left in this house to snack on (which is a very good thing!)…I’d say it’s definitely time to start gearing up for Thanksgiving.

So with that in mind, there is one particular thing today that I’m incredibly thankful for…it was 3 years ago today Chris got down on both knees (oh yeah girls, eat that up!) and asked me to marry him. Awh!

<Obviously I said yes, and if you want like every. single. detail. you can read about it here and here.>

I saw a pin…on pinterest…(is anyone else starting to feel embarrassed that they say that in practically every other sentence?!) recently that got me thinking. It was called “20 Things I Want to Tell Engaged or Newly Married Women,” and it was really, really good. I’m rolling around what I would say to the newly engaged, so I think we’ll definitely have to revisit that topic here in blog-land sometime soon.

Let’s wait until I dust the cobwebs out of my brain though, shall we?

In the meantime, I’m going to bask a little in the love that I share with the husby. 🙂

November 1, 2009…I said yes!

Memories like this one are what this blog is all about…preserving moments in time, the little and big, so that I can look back with a thankful heart at what the Lord has given me and where He has brought me.

Life and love is good. 🙂


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*Bling*Bling* I got the ring! Part 2

Hope you haven’t just been beside yourself waiting for the next installment of our engagement story…but if you have, then today’s the day! 🙂

Once the ring was picked out and the parents permission given, it was time for Chris to think up the proposal. I later learned that he had considered coming up to school and getting the kids to spell it out using big letters (think “Meet the Focker” style), but decided he didn’t want to deal with my boss at the time to make it all happen.

Instead, he suggested we do something that I’d always been saying I’d like to do…a picnic at Clark Gardens.

<Clark Gardens are a beautiful *jewel* of a botanical garden located on the outskirts of MW. You’d never know when you were driving up how beautiful it is inside, since mesquite trees line the entrance and it looks like a regular old field. Don’t take my word for it though…check out their website here: !>

He set the date for November 1st, and asked me if I’d like to get together the picnic basket. (Yes. He totally tricked me into doing all of the work for our engagement lunch. Very smart, that man of mine.) I was happy to pack the lunch because it meant I had an excuse to go shopping at Central Market. *Love* that place!

So, the day before our picnic, I set off to Central Market with my friend J in tow. To hear her tell the story you’d think I was a basket case…and she actually tells it pretty accurately. I just remember walking around saying “This has to be perfect…this is probably going to be my engagement picnic!!!” (No, he didn’t tell me that’s what was going to happen…but I had a pretty good idea that it was part of the plan!) I don’t even remember exactly what I ended up getting…but there was wine and pumpkin cheesecake and more food than we needed for a weekend of picnics!

The next day we went to church as usual, but needless to say I was having a pretty hard time focusing. I spent most of the time wondering where he was hiding the ring & praying that he wouldn’t get so nervous he just pulled it out at some random place. (I wanted a magical moment, what can I say?!) I figured out the answer to that question as soon as he said he needed to go home and “change pants.” Yeah. Uh huh. You go ahead and do that.

And then when he came out I could see the big ring box outline in his pocket. <He was pretty bummed when he found that out. About a month ago. I didn’t have the heart to tell him until then!> 😛

I was nervous that my camera battery was going to die, so on the way I made him stop so that I could buy a spare disposable camera. Don’t you just love this charade we were playing? We both knew it was going to happen, but I’m glad we waited until a more romantic moment!

Here was my handsome boyfriend at the entrance of the gardens…

And here we were enjoying our lovely picnic…it was a beautiful day! The weather was perfect & the gardens were quiet…

As we were eating our yummy dessert I was really starting to wonder how the proposal was actually going to go down…

Once we finished eating, Chris suddenly said “Hey, why don’t you stand up?”

<I’ll be honest. There was a part of me that wanted to mess with him and say “Hum…thanks but I’d really rather lay down for a few minutes….” But then again there was a bigger part of me that was so excited and ready for the moment that of course I stood right on up!>

Once I stood up Chris got on both knees, and then my man of so many words proposed with just about the smallest amount of words possible.

“Heather, will you marry me?”

I laughed, I cried, and of course I said YES!

*Bling*Bling* I got the ring! But even more importantly than that…I got my MAN! 🙂

After we packed up our picnic and finished hugging and kissing and all that gushy stuff we decided to take some time for ourselves to walk around and just generally bask in the gloriousness of our love. It ended up being one of my favorite parts of the day, because it felt like time stood still…and it was the calm before the busy-ness that is engagement.

We did run into one other couple and asked them to take our picture because “WE JUST GOT ENGAGED!” // “Congratulations! When did you get engaged?” // “About 10 minutes ago! You are the first people we’ve told!” // “Okay then, Wow!”

We took a few more pics…

…and then it was onto the phone and off to meet up with family to celebrate! It was an absolutely amazing day…the kind of thing every girl dreams about! Chris made my engagement dreams come true. *blush!*


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