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My man loves me!

Some days you just feel like your head is just going to explode. Kind of like this.

Ya feelin’ me?

Luckily my week has been going pretty well…had a come to Jesus meeting with my kids at the end of last week that restored some order in my classroom, celebrated Valentine’s day with my honey, spent time with good friends. Overall goodness.

Then, yesterday, my week went from pretty good to incredibly sweet…my Valentine’s gift from Chris came in! He came up with it all on his own (with the help of some radio personality that he listens to) and had them shipped all the way from California…6 gourmet chocolate covered strawberries!

Does this man know me or what?! *Love*

Even the packaging was fun…

Two things that make this an even better gift:

1) He doesn’t like chocolate covered strawberries, so they’re all mine.

2) The paperwork that came along says that they should be eaten within 48 hours of receiving them…which means no guilt for treating myself to 3 in one evening!

Trust me when I say they are wonderfully delicious…and if you check out their website you’ll see that they’ve got lots of yummy & pretty sweets! I’m definitely going to keep this in mind…it’s a fun gift idea!

Talk to you again on Monday…in the meantime, have a sweet weekend!


P.S. – The pic at the beginning of this post is indeed of one of Huxley’s former chew toys. I’m not exactly sure where the head is, and I don’t think I want to explore that topic any further. Yikes!

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Pay it forward…Share the love!

Hello there friends! In case you haven’t heard it yet today…Happy Valentine’s Day!

 I hope your day is full of sweetness and love from friends and family…

And speaking of that <everyone being shown some love, that is> I thought I’d share a few pretties with you and maybe challenge you a little. Is that okay? I hope so…

As my church girls and I thought about Valentine’s day, God really placed a burden on us to do something special for some of the widows in our church who are away from family & might not have anyone to show them Christ’s love today. We know that Valentine’s isn’t always the most fun day for everyone, especially for ladies who have lost their loves, so came up with a plan to make & deliver little baskets of sweets to them.

We met on Saturday to put all the treats together…here’s a peek at some (but not all) of the goodies we made. Guess I got a little too distracted by all the chocolate fumes to take pictures of everything. 😉

In the end our baskets included: chocolate dipped spoons & hot chocolate mix in a cute cup, chocolate covered pretzels and m&m’s, strawberry fudge, strawberry cookies, and pretzel drops (that’s just what I call them…they have hershy kisses melted on pretzels w/ an m&m on top.) I’m thinking we probably should have prayed for the insulin levels of all the ladies who are gifted with these baskets…it’s a lot of sweetness!

We’re meeting up after work today to spread the love…I smile just thinking about it!


I’m not sharing all this with you to make myself sound like a saint. Far from it. Had I not eaten so much the day we were putting everything together we probably could have made 2 more baskets. I was practically robbing from old ladies with every chocolate covered bite I ate. 😛

I’m telling you about this so that maybe you’ll feel led or inspired to share a little love yourself. Each day you come into contact with so many people who are needing love, and it can be especially hard for them at this time of year. Give a smile, a hug, a sweet treat…whatever you can do will surely be appreciated, and you may never know the difference it makes! Love was never meant to be kept to yourself, and the more you give to others the more it returns back to you.

So much love friends…if I could send each of you a chocolate covered strawberry today I would. <Those are my favs!>


P.S. – Feeling like you want to pay it forward but running low on time? Whip up a batch of strawberry fudge…you can’t beat this two-ingrediant recipe! <I tried to find it on pinterest to cite the source, but I couldn’t. Boo.>

All you need is a tub of strawberry frosting & a bag of white chocolate chips. Microwave together, melt, and stir…then pour it out into a pan or onto wax paper to cool. It’s that easy! <My friend R added a few heart sprinkles to the top…fun touch!>

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