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Graduation Day Memories…

Well, it’s here. The last day of school…time for Kindergarten Graduation! It is as completely adorable as you can imagine…caps & gowns & tassels & bazillions of pictures. We’ve got our little poem ready, our rockin’ Pete the Cat song, diplomas & medals & a sweet little reception all planned out. When all is said and done we will present the class of 2024…holy moly! Doesn’t that feel like it’s forever away?!

This has been a really sweet little class. No major behavior problems (beyond the cursing that somehow managed to happen fairly regularly…from the 5 year olds)…excited about learning & willing to participate in *most* of my antics…and just these big, adorable, occasionally frustrating personalities. Every year I seem to bring out the fiesty in my students…what does that say about me? 😉

I always get mad at myself at the end of the year, because there have been so many hilarious moments and quotes that I have yet again failed to write down. It’s no different this year…but we have had some serious laughs along the way. Here are some of the memories I hope to carry with me from this year…

*The incredible, incredible growth I saw from most of my students. It is crazy to have them come in barely knowing their alphabet and leaving reading. Seriously reading. Or for them to hardly be able to write their name and to leave writing sentences (it’s a stretch for some of them, but they’re getting there!) It’s crazy and exciting and a little mind-boggling when I think back to where we started.

*Some of the total sweethearts that I have. I’ve got a couple who have helped take care of me on days I didn’t feel 100% and I hope they don’t lose their kind hearts.

*Watching leaders blossom, kids find their “sweet spot” and start learning like crazy, and this one particular little guy who has matured leaps and bounds in like the last month alone. They really do grow up so much in one year!

*Bahaha…hearing them say “Yeah, my mom taught me that at home….” when I’ve only spent weeks teaching them to do that very thing. What am I, chopped liver?! (*Except for the kid who can already count combinations of coins…I definitely did not teach him that. Future accountant?!)

*Laughing when kids replicate literature…like my one little guy who can soooo relate to Kevin Henkes character Wemberly, from “Wemberly Worried.” I’ve definitely had to reassure him / answer some questions for him on some interesting topics!

*My adorable little ESL students who just wiggle their way into my heart…I have so much fun with them.

*Seeing how literally kids this age take EVERYTHING. It is wildy frustrating at times, but ya gotta laugh to keep from crying, right?!

*Listening to their wild stories & all the things that their parents would probably die if they knew it was being repeated at school. (Every heard a teacher say “I’ll believe about half of what they say about you if you’ll believe about half of what they say about me? Well trust me, that is sooo true!)

*Having to remind myself that they are little parrots…the new phrase we’ve been over-using is “That is so rude!” The funniest example of the parrot phenomena was the day I told them that sometimes when they leave I go stand in the corner and cry (they totally knew I was joking…and that they drive me crazy sometimes!) only to have one of them go straight outside and tell her grandmother that as they walk away from the school. Lesson learned. 😉

*Pushing them to independence, something that some of them have never been pushed towards before. I know at times other teachers think I’m hard on them, but the truth is that they can do far more than most people give them credit for. It is so cool to see the light bulb come on when they realize that they can do a lot of things for themselves…

*I know I’ve already mentioned it, but this class has definitely thrown some cuss words out there. A few times on purpose, a few times randomly inexplicable, and a few times while trying to sound out other words…like “fuzz.” Next year I’m going to make a sign to hang outside that says “Caution: Blending Happening” so that I’m not held accountable for the bad words that come out of their mouths.

*Knowing that some of these little ones are going through hard times at home…through things I’m so not able to relate to…is a reminder of all the blessings that I have in life, and of how this job truly is a ministry.

The silly, heartwarming, heartbreaking, head-scratching, hard-working times we’ve had together this year have brought us all very close together…and now they are graduating and leaving me. I’ve been trying to convince them to just stay with me in Kindergarten again next year, but go figure…they don’t wanna! 😉 And even though odds are they won’t remember much of their kindergarten year when they are all grown up (I hardly remember anything from mine…sad day.) I hope the feelings that they have when they look back are warm and fuzzy and full of love. They’ve got a piece of my heart for sure, and I pray heaps of blessings on them in the years to come.

Congratulations Kindergarten class of 2012!


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My Husband…the college graduate.

We recently celebrated a couple of quite big accomplishments…the college graduations of my brother and husband! Sadly for me, they graduated on the same day, at almost the same time, in two different places. 😦 It was hard to miss my brother’s big day, but I was there in heart and couldn’t be more proud of him. As it was, I enjoyed spending the day with my family on Chris’ side & a few of our close friends to watch him accept his diploma.

Chris’ mom was able to fly in and attend the ceremony, which was good because I might not have gotten him there otherwise. 😛 When he told me that morning that he wasn’t sure his shirt was going to fit (when I had asked him a week before to TRY IT ON!) I almost used that shirt to…*ahem.* So sorry…please excuse me. I lost my mind there for a moment.

Back to the JOY of the occasion. 😉 Chris is the first Thompson in his family to graduate with his college degree, an accomplishment we are all very proud of. I’m happy that he agreed to walk in the ceremony and I am ECSTATIC that he is finished…night school is no fun! So without further adeu, here are a few pics from the day (minus a few…I forgot to get everyone’s permission to blog about them!)…


Chris said this was his favorite picture of the day…they can both cheese it for sure!

A was so excited to see her Uncle ‘Ris walk by…as soon as she saw him she started waving and shouting “Hey Uncle ‘Ris!”

There he is…I’m so proud!


For some odd reason he kept saluting us…I have no clue why. Neither does he. 😛

I love this picture…I think it’s pretty cool! My husband, the college graduate!

The proud Momma…

The fam! (*Missed you Dan, Biz, & Raul!)

Diploma baby!

 Can’t say it enough husby…so proud of you! AND so so glad to start 2012 with no night classes…I won’t know what to do with you underfoot all the time! 😉


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