My Husband…the college graduate.

We recently celebrated a couple of quite big accomplishments…the college graduations of my brother and husband! Sadly for me, they graduated on the same day, at almost the same time, in two different places. 😦 It was hard to miss my brother’s big day, but I was there in heart and couldn’t be more proud of him. As it was, I enjoyed spending the day with my family on Chris’ side & a few of our close friends to watch him accept his diploma.

Chris’ mom was able to fly in and attend the ceremony, which was good because I might not have gotten him there otherwise. 😛 When he told me that morning that he wasn’t sure his shirt was going to fit (when I had asked him a week before to TRY IT ON!) I almost used that shirt to…*ahem.* So sorry…please excuse me. I lost my mind there for a moment.

Back to the JOY of the occasion. 😉 Chris is the first Thompson in his family to graduate with his college degree, an accomplishment we are all very proud of. I’m happy that he agreed to walk in the ceremony and I am ECSTATIC that he is finished…night school is no fun! So without further adeu, here are a few pics from the day (minus a few…I forgot to get everyone’s permission to blog about them!)…


Chris said this was his favorite picture of the day…they can both cheese it for sure!

A was so excited to see her Uncle ‘Ris walk by…as soon as she saw him she started waving and shouting “Hey Uncle ‘Ris!”

There he is…I’m so proud!


For some odd reason he kept saluting us…I have no clue why. Neither does he. 😛

I love this picture…I think it’s pretty cool! My husband, the college graduate!

The proud Momma…

The fam! (*Missed you Dan, Biz, & Raul!)

Diploma baby!

 Can’t say it enough husby…so proud of you! AND so so glad to start 2012 with no night classes…I won’t know what to do with you underfoot all the time! 😉


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2 thoughts on “My Husband…the college graduate.

  1. That was definitely a proud moment for Dad and I. Keep up the good work, son! We love both of you so much!

  2. We are proud of Chris. I can’t imagine all those late nights after working all day! Great job, wish I could have been there too.


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