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Sweet Little Lamb

I’ve been trying to squeeze as much holiday fun into this Christmas season as I can. Cookie exchanges, Secret Santa, Christmas Light Scavenger Hunts, movies and gingerbread trees and live nativities and lighted parades….the list goes on and on. I’ve had a really lovely December, and my times in prayer and in my Advent study have really kept me grounded in the gift of Jesus.

That’s why I think one of my most favoritest moments…the one that I’ll remember above all others…was when my sweet & sassy niece A-bug performed in her first ever Christmas program at church. She is such a doll, and it was so special for me that I was able to take her to church and share in this experience with her. She had an entire pew of people there to see her sing, and I think we all could agree that she was the cutest little sheep we’ve ever seen.

To hear her sing her heart out about giving the gift of “me” to Jesus for His birthday…that’s what it’s about people. It makes my heart smile. 🙂

A-bug, waiting for her turn to go sing with the other “Little Cherubs”…


Do sheep get any cuter than this?!


Me and A-bug backstage…I got to be “stage mom” for the night and help ‘herd’ the sheep. Not an easy task when they are all 3 to 4 year olds!



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Build a Library Shower

J is an amazing mother, and since she does cloth diapers AND saved most everything from her first baby boy, she didn’t need just a whole lot for this new little guy. We decided it was the perfect opportunity for us to shower her with a few fun gifts and to help her stock their home library. And that’s how we came up with our Build-A-Library Shower!

I know, I know…if you’ve been on Pinterest for any period of time you’ve probably seen these types of showers. It’s not an idea original to us, but it’s the first of it’s kind around these parts. And I gotta admit…I’m a little jealous. After seeing how cute it was, I want a library shower! (Guess you gotta have a baby first, eh?)

The basic idea is to use children’s books as decorations and to tie in with the foods you serve. Since we are a group of mothers and teachers, we had plenty of books…and lots of book themed stuffed animals (thanks Kohls!) to set the tone. Our friend R made a beautiful banner that said “Once Upon A Time,” and L’s mom was gracious enough to let us host the shower in her lovely home.

You can tell we’re total newbs when it comes to hosting showers…we all came bearing beautiful books and food and gifts…but no cameras. Bummer! Please excuse my iPhone pics, and trust me when I say all was adorable!

It’s hard to see in the pic, but I did a fun little treatment on the cutlery. I cut pages from an old children’s encyclopedia into strips, wrapped a strip around a fork/spoon, and tied a sweet little bow using blue and yellow twine. Lovely!

The punch was tasty and adorable…complete with floating rubber duckies and a matching book!

L is so crafty! She made adorable little cupcakes toppers that tied in the shower colors and the covers from various children’s books.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs…served with meatballs of course!

Green Eggs and Ham…ham sandwiches and green deviled eggs

Peter Rabbit with his veggie tray…those little brown cups (meant to look like terra cotta pots) held the veggie dip.

Maybe my personal fav…If you give a mouse a cookie! Served with delicious homemade cookies and shot glasses of milk with little paper straws!

We also had a really cool Christian book about a butterfly, complete with little caterpillar grape skewers and a catepillar made of tasty and colorful fruits. I didn’t get a picture of that one before it was all gobbled up!


My favorite part of the shower (besides all the delicious food!) was the time we spent in prayer for J, her family, her delivery, and her new little baby. I am so blessed to call these girls my friends…they uplift and encourage me in so many ways, and I thought our time of prayer was beautiful.

I’m definitely looking forward to hosting another baby shower…so who’s next girls?! 😉


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