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That’s what it’s all about!


Not talking about the hokey-pokey today.

(Although odds are I’ll do just that in with my kiddos today. Kinder is so much fun!)

I was reminded last week what it really is all about. And by “it” I mean this crazy hard job of teaching.

Before school one day I was standing, counting little heads and tying little shoes and hurrying along little breakfast eaters, when I felt someone tugging at me. It was one of my students from 2 years ago…a big second grader now.

This particular child was a challenge, to say the least. He could drive you to total frustration one moment, then break into the most adorable grin the next and melt your heart. He was the topic of many prayers that year, and has continued to be one that I’ve watched, inquired about, prayed for, and tried to encourage. I desperately want good things for this little guy.

And here he was now, tugging at me and looking up with bright eyes and freshly combed and slicked back hair.

“Well good morning!” I said, giving him a hug. “I’m so happy to see you!”

After telling me good morning, a look of complete seriousness came across his face. “I just wanted to tell you something,” he said. “I just wanted to say, God bless you for teaching me in Kindergarten.”

He caught me so off guard, I hardly knew what to say, except to hug him and thank him and tell him that I loved him. Then off he went, leaving me to catch my breath and to know, without a doubt, that moments like that were what it is all about.

Sure, as a teacher I am expected to teach…some would say first and foremost. But as a Christian, I am called to more. I am called to love, to show these babies the love of Christ. It doesn’t even really matter that I can’t initiate conversations with them about my beliefs, because it is through my actions that they will know who I am.

So on those days…those days which will surely come, which tend to sneak up on me…when I’m caught up in standards and expectations and the list of to-do’s, the days when I’m tempted to rush past the hugs in the name of being “too busy,” the days when I get caught up in my own troubles and fail to recognize the emotional needs of my little ones…

On those days, I pray that God will remind me what it’s all about.



P.S. – Funny story from when I had this little guy in Kindergarten. He got in trouble one day for sticking his tongue out at another student. When I called him over to talk to him about it, he told me that “Jesus told me to do it.”

“Oh, no, no…that can’t be.” I said. “I know Jesus, and I know that he would never ask you to stick out your tongue at one of our friends.”

“You know Jesus?!” he said.

“Yep. I know him. And I know that he would want you to be kind to your friend, not mean…” I replied.

He definitely had to think on that one for a while…hehe.

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Spread a little love…

So, my anniversary is coming up. Ahem. Our anniversary. It’s kind of a shared thing.

Anniversaries bring to mind all sorts of mushy-gushy romantic feelings, birds and hearts swirling around my head, lovey-dovey sort of stuff. I hope they still do that for you.

I’ll be reflecting on this past year and sharing more anniversary-ish thoughts next week on the big day, but for today, I thought I’d show you how I’ve been spreading a little love these days. The weekend is coming, so maybe it will inspire you to spread a little love around your house in the next couple of days. 😉

A few weeks back we were having the typical “what’s for dinner” debate. You know the one…no one wants to cook, nothing sounds good to either one of you, you’re getting no where fast. We checked and saw that we had a little date money left, but that led to another debate. I hadn’t really gotten dressed that day (as in, didn’t brush my hair, no make-up, scroungy clothes) and didn’t want to go out…what to do, what to do. We finally agreed on ordering a pizza and having Chris go pick it up, along with salad.

After he went out to pick up dinner, a little something got into me…and I decided to spice up our date-night pizza. It only took a few minutes for me to drag our folding table out onto the patio (the weather was sooo nice!), set it up with a plastic tablecloth (blue was all I had), and put out our “best china.” (Which is also our everday china, since we didn’t do the china thing when we got married.) I even cut a few roses from our flowerbushes…voila!

Looks very romantic , even if it was just pizza for dinner. 😉


Shortly after our candelit picnic, I was packing up and getting ready to head off to camp. As is our tradition, part of my preparation included getting a few cards ready to leave for my husband to read while I was gone. Back before we were budgeting I would get him a card per day, and not the cheap ones. Now that we are becoming more financially responsible he got one for every two days and they all came from the dollar section.

Whatever works.

This is actually a bit of a family tradition…I can remember my mom doing this for my dad when he would head off on a stock show. She’s snuck cards into my bags when I was heading off to camp and things like that. (Hum…come to think of it, she’s probably the one to blame for my love of greeting cards.)

It’s a fun little way for me to let Chris know that I love him and am thinking about him, especially when I am away.


The traditional second anniversary gift is “cotton.” I thought and thought and thought about what would be good cotton gifts to exchange…turns out this is a tricky one! I did settle on what I thought I would like to recieve. (I’ve always helped Chris pick out my gifts…is that wrong? I always get what I want that way, he likes having the help…it just works for us. I even helped shop for my engagement ring, and I’ve never regretted it.)

Anyway, it hit me that something I’ve always wanted definitely fits into the cotton category…a hammock! Chris agreed (yay!) and I found a great deal…more to come on that later as well. 🙂

Chris’ gift was a little harder to come up with…and ended up being a fail. During a conversation we had a ways back, he mentioned how he might like to have some really nice sheets. Well alrighty then, I thought. A really high thread count Egyptian-cotton sheet set fits the bill for my anniversary gift to him. I went to Amazon, found a 1200 count set on sale, and ordered those babies.

Turns out I probably should have looked at them before I had him open them. I decided to give them to him early (my hammock did come in after all) but when he opened them they were the wrong size…and they didn’t even feel that great. Boo.

So the sheets are going back…and the husby may just get some money to add to his ammo fund.

Again…whatever works, right?!


And, in perhaps the most selfless act of love I’ve shown my husband lately, I bought a Groupon that we can use tomorrow to go to the gun show. Oh yeah. You heard me. I’m going to the gun show.

It’s totally not my thing, but Chris is into it…so I figure this will be a good way for me to show some interest and support in what he is interested in. An added blessing is the gift card we recieved in the mail (from my Secret Sister at church!) for Olive Garden, so we are planning on going there for lunch.

Forget an anniversary *day*…we’re going to celebrate our anniversary *week*!


Hope your weekend is full of love and time spent with the one you love!


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