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Paw-sitively Adorable!

Gotta do the teacher thang and brag a little on my classroom…it’s borderline too colorful, full of cute puppy touches, and ready for 13 Kinder babies to help me make it home. Today’s our first day…praying it’s a good one! I’ve certainly put in the front work, and I know the Lord is on my side…but as always I’d appreciate any prayers for me & my kiddos!

Our school theme is “Aloha” and my theme is puppy-dogs, so I tried to combine the two for my classroom door.

Here’s our outside kinder hallway…

And little Hawaiian dogs to show off their fabulous work…

This is the inside of my door…I manage to thoroughly confuse people on my name from time to time with the “Huxley Happenings.” They think it’s my name. Sad really.

School map, birthday calendar, Brownie Points, helper, rules, classroom pledge, and conduct chart. Just in case you were wondering. 🙂

Our front wall…phonics letters, calendar “stuff”, graphing / Daily 5 area…and my amazing purple chair!

Another view of our calendar area…it’s kind of small, but we’re going to be doing a lot of our calendar virutally (hopefully!) so I think it will work out okay…

Notice the portrait of Huxley hanging in the background…lookin’ sharp my little man!

My little crowded teacher area…wish I had taken closer up pictures of the cute dog-themed scrapbook paper I used…

That’s our word wall and class library back there. Love my Kohl’s stuffed animals and composition notebooks!

To the left is my closet / book shelf, in the middle my small group / easel, then the listening and computer centers.

I got this idea from a blog…it’s a place to hang the anchor charts that I make with the class. If you look carefully, you’ll see the little puppy clips to hang the posters with…I’m so happy with this back wall!

Pinterest strikes again, with a little bit of Heather thrown in to help make my tissue paper flower chandelier. We do it big in Kindergarten!

Math manipulatives…

ABC strip, cubbies, and ABC books…

A new addition this year…chalkboard! We’re going old school…

Reading manipulatives, student work files, and our check-in spot.

Just showing this next pic to demonstrate how small my room is. I stand in one spot, take two pictures without having to move my camera much at all, and you can see my whole room.

(*Also, check out the magnetic oil drip pan hanging on the front shelf…I got it at Wal-Mart for like $10 and it’s so fun!)

So there it is. Now just picture me in there, along with 13 of the cutest little kids you’ve seen. (But don’t tell them you think they’re cute. They already know it…and will probably use it against you. *wink*)

Here’s hopin’ this year is dog-gone good!


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What I’ve been up to…

Obviously, blogging has fallen down a few notches on my priority scale. 😛

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day…here’s a little peak at what I’ve been up to instead…

1) Decorating my “paw”sitively adorable classroom

I’m easing back into this work thing by going back half-days…and half-weeks. Sadly, this pace will only keep up for another week or so, then I’ll have to be back full time to get all of my business taken care of. In the meantime, I’ve arranged furniture, hung lots of bright paper, and made plans to carry out a dog theme that will have everyone waggin’ their tails with excitement. Pictures to come once it’s all complete, of course. 😉

2) Making Pinterest proud by hosting what was the cutest baby shower EVER with several of my girl friends

A post to come on this one later in the week…if for no other reason than to show my mom the pics and give us a chance to add a few original pins to Pinterest. 😉 I’ll give you this teaser though…

Oh yes. SkippyJon Jones was involved.

3) Finalizing all of our new insurance plans

Sorry if you are reading this, current insurance lady. You are about to get dumped. (Once I get the you-know-whats to do it.) After meeting with the rep from a different insurance company, we were delighted to find that we could save over $50 a month (that’s a lot of money in a year, my friends!) on our insurances for the same, or in some cases, more coverage. We’ve signed the dotted line, paid the deposits, answered a bazillion weird questions…even had our blood drawn and peed in cups. Now all that’s left is getting a few appraisals done and breaking up with the old company.

We’re pumped about the savings…but geez, this has taken (literally) blood, sweat, and tears to pull off. I’ll be glad when it’s done for sure.

4) Completing comp training for the new year…YouTube style

Last year my teaching partner introduced me to something called Whole-Brain (or Power) Teaching. I won’t go into all the legistics here, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of internet research on it in preparation for the new school year. In fact, when all is said and done, I’ll need to have completed somewhere between 5 and 10 hours of research. Right now I’m sitting a little over an hour and half.

I’ve got a ways to go, to say the least.

5) Squeezing in end-of-summer doctor’s appts

Which for me has been multiple visits to the chiropractor and the eye doctor. Speaking of…check out my new glasses!

So cute, right?! (A little bright and teacher-y perhaps, but I think they’re fun!) Just for kicks, here’s a picture of the side view…check out how thick they are. That’s why I have to get such small frames…anything much bigger and the sides would definitely start looking coke-bottle-ish. Not exactly what I’m going for.

And yes, the chiropractor is still crackin’ on me. My back is definitely improving though, and I’ve ordered custom orthotics to help with my long-term situation. I’m super curious to see which shoes they will / will not fit in…and I can’t decide if I’m hopeful or not that a little shoe-shopping may be in order. 😉

6) Seeking the Lord’s promises for myself, my husband, and my marriage

This may be last on my list, but it is by far the most important. God has really started a revival in our lives, and prayers are being answered. Chris and I attended a marriage conference this past weekend through our church and Family Life Ministries (called “The Art of Marriage”) that was such a blessing. In addition, I’ve really been digging into God’s word and seeking to store His word in my heart so that I can pray more scripture. That’s what I’ve spent large portions of the evening working on, and it is well worth the time.

In fact, I was thinking just yesterday about all the areas of my life in which God deserves glory and praise. I hate running, and yet He is helping me become a runner and (dare I say?) even enjoy it a little. I’m not that great of a cook, but through seeking to cook healthier / cheaper meals for my family He has enabled me to make some pretty yummy meals this last week or so. He deserves all the glory and honor for the changes that are happening in my marriage…He is just so, so good.

I hope you know Him. I hope you are giving each area of your life over to Him.


And as for this next week? More of the same…back to the eye doctor to try out new contacts, complete jewelry & truck appraisals to turn into the insurance man, running, bible studyin’, YouTube research, classroom decorating…the list is growing!

Oh, and I’ll hopefully be marking something off of my “30 before 30” list..any guesses as to what that might be? *wink*

Hope your week is a blessed one!


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