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Has it been 3 years already?!

Happy November all! Our Halloween was fun (I survived a wacky day at school. By wearing a candy corn costume most of the afternoon. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…right?) and we enjoyed Trunk or Treating at our church. Here’s a few pictures of our Americano familio.

Uncle Sam, the Statue of Liberty, and…a hotdog.

Our USA-themed trunk…the kids got to vote on which was better…”tricks” or “treats!”

Huxley *hated* his costume. Hehehe.

But now Halloween is over, the decorations are down, and we’ve got no candy left in this house to snack on (which is a very good thing!)…I’d say it’s definitely time to start gearing up for Thanksgiving.

So with that in mind, there is one particular thing today that I’m incredibly thankful for…it was 3 years ago today Chris got down on both knees (oh yeah girls, eat that up!) and asked me to marry him. Awh!

<Obviously I said yes, and if you want like every. single. detail. you can read about it here and here.>

I saw a pin…on pinterest…(is anyone else starting to feel embarrassed that they say that in practically every other sentence?!) recently that got me thinking. It was called “20 Things I Want to Tell Engaged or Newly Married Women,” and it was really, really good. I’m rolling around what I would say to the newly engaged, so I think we’ll definitely have to revisit that topic here in blog-land sometime soon.

Let’s wait until I dust the cobwebs out of my brain though, shall we?

In the meantime, I’m going to bask a little in the love that I share with the husby. 🙂

November 1, 2009…I said yes!

Memories like this one are what this blog is all about…preserving moments in time, the little and big, so that I can look back with a thankful heart at what the Lord has given me and where He has brought me.

Life and love is good. 🙂


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Happy Halloween from Huxley!

It’s the most….horrifying time…of the year! (Especially if you are an elementary teacher.)

Last week was just crazy. Red Ribbon Week & prep for our Fall Festival came together to form one weird week. Something spooky was definitely in the air…

And the craziness continues, because today is Halloween! The kiddos are going to be all pumped about their evening adventures (with visions of candy dancing above their heads)…and dare I say tomorrow is going to be even more terrifying as they all come down from their sugar rush.

It rivals the horror of a zombie apocalypse.

So I’m off to face the day…but in the meantime I’ll leave you with wishes for a safe & fun Halloween and pictures of our family pumpkin this year. 🙂


Huxley checking it out…(He’s probably thinking that it smells familiar…when he was younger and eating everything I would give him canned pumpkin to aid with digestion. It works…really!)

It was mean to be a jack-o-lantern w/ a mustache…but the mustache turned into more of a joker-smile. Ah well.

He could not figure out what was going on…life would be so much easier if he could talk. 😛

Huxley boy!

After! I love it, and we decided to keep it inside for a few days so that we can enjoy the efforts of our hard work!


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