Photo Albums on the Fly

It. is. Friday.

Can I get an amen?!

<Throwback to the good ol’ days when Friday meant T.G.I.F. programming on ABC. Now those were the good ol’ days!>


Today I thought I’d share another “product review” of a website/service/product that I *L*O*V*E. It’s nothing too new, so odds are you’ve heard of it. If you are already in the know, and if you love it too..then leave a comment so that I sound more credible. Please. And thanks.

I was first introduced to Shutterfly (oh yes, that’s the website I’m talking about right now… in a packet of freebies from David’s Bridal. I was a glowing bride-to-be, full of stars in my eyes and visions of a dream wedding dancing in my head…and I was on a budget.

<The parentals were graciously paying for a lot of the wedding expenses, but the soon-to-be husband and I were chipping in here and there. Thanks again Ma and Pa!>

When Mom and I started “interviewing” photographers, we were BLOWN. A. WAY. by how expensive the photography was going to be. I mean seriously. Shocked. Floored. It was quickly shaping up to become the most costly part of the wedding. Yikes!

Then, once we had decided on a photographer, we still had to deal with the fact that his wedding books cost basically as much as his fees to shoot the wedding.

Say what?!

Since the cost of the wedding book was falling to Chris and I, I knew that other options needed to be considered. Thanks to the coupon, one of the options I considered was Shutterfly…and I’m so glad I did! Using the Shutterfly software I was able to create themed photo-books, add text to record memories, insert lots of our pictures, and tie it all together with the colors and looks I wanted.

I may never make a paper scrapbook again.

It was really so easy, and I was so pleased with all of the end results. 🙂 I actually went a little photo-book crazy and created a “library” of wedding albums, as opposed to one big album. All of the albums are 8X8 leather bound (brown), with the exception of the main album, which is a 12X12 leather bound (white) book.

Sneak a peek at my library…

Engagement Album:

Beautiful fall day, picnic in the gardens

Engagement pics…

Bridal Album:

Beautiful spring day, shot in those same gardens 🙂

Wedding Shower Album:

We had a shower in my home town, one at my school, and a couples shower at our church.

Then my girlfriends hosted a lingerie shower / bachelorette party.

We were blessed beyond measure!

Pre-Wedding Album:

planning, shopping, decorating, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner

(And there were some pre-ceremony pics…love it!)

BIG Wedding Album

Honeymoon Album:

Cruise to Jamaica, the Caymen Islands, and Cozumel

First House Album:

Our little newlywed nest…renting the family homestead from the in-laws. 🙂

*Chris Slideshow Album:

All the pics of him from a baby to the wedding day.

*Heather Slideshow Album:

All of my pics from baby to the wedding day.

*I also bought his mom an album of his pics and my mom an album of mine for Mother’s Day. They were a hit!

“Geez!” you are probably thinking…”How much did she spend on all that?! I thought she was trying to SAVE money?”

Well be ready to be shocked and amazed.

I got all of those albums (8 small albums & 1 big album…all personalized and leather bound) for…*drum roll please*…$389.08! That comes out to an average of $43.23 per photo book…not too shabby!

<Trust me. That was much, much cheaper than the photographers quote for ONE album that included nothing but wedding day shots.>

Since then I’ve also used Shutterfly to order photo cards, address labels, and soon…graduation announcements for the husband and brotha! All of my orders have been shipped to me promptly and complete, and I am always excited to see that bright orange box in my mail. I have nothing but positive things to say.

<And no, they aren’t even paying me to say any of this. I’m just doing it out of the goodness of my heart because I *L*O*V*E* their products!>

So YES, you should go check out their website today. 🙂 Even if you aren’t needing to order anything right now, go ahead and create an account…I’ve received a couple of e-mails in the past month offering free photo books or major discounts on prints. Sign up, wait until you have a fab coupon, then give it a try. You’ll love it!


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5 thoughts on “Photo Albums on the Fly

  1. Yes, I love, love, my book of Chris! And, someday I would love to look at your wedding albums again. I need to use it for a baby book for Ailey (since she’s almost 3 now LOL) to give to Kelly. I agree. Shutterfly is the best!

  2. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Ahhh…good times! Those albums are such priceless treasures! A worthwhile investment, and they take up such a small amount of space you can keep them out, handy to enjoy all the time!!! I love my Heather Book!

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