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Little Man Mustache Bash

Happy belated 4th of July! The husby and I ended up having a quiet celebration at home…it reminded us of our 1st married Independence Day. Our honeymoon cruise docked early that morning, we kissed Texas soil (literally!), drove all day, and arrived home in time for….a nap. 😛 We missed the fireworks, but is it awkward to say we made some of our own? *wink*blush*couldn’t help myself*


What I realllly wanted to share today are a few pictures from my adorable nephew’s 1st birthday party. He turned one back in May, and my sister-in-law turned me loose on the décor & party planning. We were short on time and $$$, but I think in the end our Little Man had a birthday party he could be proud of & a fun time was had by all!

Presenting…The Little Mister Mustache Bash!

nolan party7

Mustaches & ties were provided for all the guests to wear…


Our color theme was black, lime, and teal…I found free printables to match the theme, decorated with pics of our Little Mister, and made a pretty darn stinkin’ cute banner. (Thanks to this party I also fell in love with washi tape. Now I’m obsessed.)

nolan party8

Real men eat cake.


The drink station…striped paper straws are a must for any legitimate pinterest-inspired party. 😉

nolan party6

I love a good mustache bash!

nolan party3

Cousin Matthew provided the entertainment…a magic show…with the help of his little assistant. (Check out her shirt btw…too fun!)

nolan party2

Of course there were presents…(look at those chubby cheeks! Agh!)


And a photo booth…

nolan party4

And one super cute & loving big sister to the little mister. (This picture makes my heart melt!)

nolan party1

And of course, there was cake. (Could that birthday boy be any more adorable?! I just don’t think so…)

nolan party5

The little man & his happy family!


P.S. – My in-laws hired a photographer to come & capture the fun…didn’t the pics turn out great?! If you live in my area & are interested in her info, leave me a comment below!

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Oh Boy!

I’m a little past due for a very important introduction. My husband’s family (myself included!) has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a certain little man, and we’re all so happy that he’s here…chubby cheeks and all!

Meet the most sweet and darling little nephew I’ve got…Mr. Nolan Micheal!

Of course I had to wear my Texas Rangers shirt to go meet him…with a name like Nolan he’s got all the potential he needs to be great!

Ah, he’s just so darn snuggly! (His sister is pretty stinkin’ adorable too…and so polite, that one!)

Is that not the cutest picture ever?!

I share a pretty special connection with these two, besides just being their aunt. Each of our birthdays is on the 24th…A-bugs of October, mine of January, and now Monkey-Man’s of May. I’d say we were all meant to be family.

Mom and everyone are doing well…I think they are settling into a routine and he is just a little doll. As for me? I’m thinking of a new career path…one where I just sit and rock tiny little babies all day. Now that sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

As for today, I’m helping my own little brother set up his new digs. He’s starting a new job in a couple of weeks and he’s just more and more grown-up everyday. You’ve come a long way baby!


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