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Kentucky Derby Soiree

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good party. Especially when that party involves fun friends, delicious food, cute décor…..and costumes! So of course, when my horse-loving friend Liz decided to host a Kentucky Derby Soiree for the girls, I was *pumped.*

She assured us that no prior knowledge of the Derby was required <good, because I have none!>, and instructed us to come in our Sunday best, with candy bars for betting, and the biggest, most creative Kentucky Derby hats we could dream up. Now that I could do.

After a little Pinteresting <yes, it’s a verb now> I set out for the Dollar Tree to make my Derby hat dreams come true. I decided to go with borderline gaudy vs. a big, beautiful hat…mostly because, let’s face it, it’s waaaaay easier to find gaudy at Dollar Tree than it is to find beautiful. <If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!> I settled on a fairy inspired hat, complete with pink money for “betting” and trophies for the race winner…sure to inspire my horse to “fly” to victory.

“Derby Fairies”

kentucky derby4

All the husband could do as I made the hat was shake his head and repeat how thankful he was he didn’t have to be seen with me in it…but I know that what he realllllly meant by that was how impressed he was with my creativeness. He just didn’t have the words to verbalize that, I’m sure.

On race day I got all dolled up, pulled on my pink gloves <also from Dollar Tree> like a true Southern lady, and cut a few fresh roses from our backyard gift to take to our lovely hostess…carried in a mason jar, of course.

Heels, gloves, and a veil over my face…what more does a southern girl need?! 😉

kentucky derby3

The party itself was charming…mint tea <she grew the mint herself!>, a table filled with girly food, lovely ladies all gussied up, and the hats….oh the hats. Gloriously large hats.

Our hostess taught us all about horse racing & helped us each pick a horse to bet on…then hooped and hollered louder than any of us when the horses actually left the gate. 😉

kentucky derby2 kentucky derby

Once the dust settled <literally!> it turned out that the horse I was betting on <Golden Soul, I believe> came in 2nd! I had no clue where my horse was while the race was happening <kind of like how I can’t keep track of where the football is during a football game> so I had quite the celebration when I figured out my horse had placed.  kentucky derby1

We had so much fun at the Soiree that we decided maybe next year we should have our men dress up & come along….oooooooor maybe not. *wink*


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