A little of this, a little of that

My head is spinnnnnnning. It’s been quite a day, to say the least. I’m still catching up from my 3 month blogging hiatus, so here’s a little of this and a little of that…in no particular order. 🙂


A) I got a tattoo. Well, a henna tattoo. Probably good that I did a test run first because I learned that the wrist is a very distracting place for a tattoo. But I did love the anchor!


B) Spring was lovely at the Thompson house! The roses bloomed beautifully, and a momma bird built her nest in one of the bushes. It was fun to spy on the eggs and little chicks, but it wasn’t long before they all flew away! 🙂


C) Rangers game with our fam! It was a great way to celebrate the end of school. Father’s day, and both of our moms birthdays!


D) Backyard picnic with our niece and nephew…where the highlight was little man sticking his fist in Chris’ gravy. Hehehe…

huxley picnic

E) Around the time Oklahoma was getting hit with horrific tornadoes, we were experiencing some crazy spring weather as well. The worst of it (thankfully!) was a bad hailstorm. We were blessed to have been protected during the storm, and although we had a tornado scare (which caused me to spend some time in the bathtub with the dog and Chris’ guns…go figure!) our area was not affected.


F) My mom was hostess for a wedding shower earlier this spring…a pinterest-y, burlap-y, mason jar-y shower. Love it. She enlisted my help to make a couple of banners and cupcake toppers. I thought the end result was beautiful!

brooke2 brooke1

So that’s that. 🙂 Can you tell that I’ve discovered the collage maker app? Ha!


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I just happen to have a few pictures with me…

Today I was totally rockin’ and rollin’ in my summer housewife mode…morning run, dog grooming, laundry, crafts, grocery shopping, typing out recipes, cleaning up a junk store jewel, printing out teacher binder stuff…just being overall *uber* productive.

My multi-tasking came to a bit of a grinding halt when my laptop was suddenly overcome with a malare-y, trojan-y, worm-y virus. One minue the computer is working, the next minute it is literally screaming at me. (True story…the virus made a screaming noise several times. Not cool.) Wouldn’t allow me to open anything.

Total buzz kill.

The goooooooood news is that my computer-degree husband came to my resue and cleaned everything up for me. It was not pretty, to say the least. (At one point the lecture I received about internet security he said the scan reported almost 700 threats against the computer. Yikes!) And it took him a while…which doesn’t leave me with much time to write today.

But I have a little something in my pocket that is perfect for a time like this.

Pictures of my Huxley baby! I’m such a proud puppy parent….he’s grown since I blogged about him last.

April 18th marked his 2nd birthday! My kids wrote him little birthday notes…and I forced him to wear a party hat. 😛

huxley birthday

One of the best parts of summer is my Huxley snuggles!

huxley closeup

I’ve been itching to get Hux a bow-tie for quiiiiiite a while now. After lots of searching and a Facebook poll, I finally settled on one that I love. He looks quite dashing, don’t ya think? (Hehe…it’s okay. I know not everyone gets the bowtie thing. But I *love* it!)

huxley bowtie

It takes me a bazillion shots to get a good picture of him in the bowtie. A photographer comes over to take pictures for a party and snaps this in one shot. Go figure! 😉

huxley handsome

It’s puppy love for sure!

huxley love

Look at that fat baby…he’s getting heavy!

huxley chill

Summer is here!

(And for the record, he hates the pool. I don’t even bother putting him in anymore because he just stands in one spot like a statue. Weirdo!)

huxley pool

He’s as quirky and full of attitude as ever…I enjoy having him as my little shadow!


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