I just happen to have a few pictures with me…

Today I was totally rockin’ and rollin’ in my summer housewife mode…morning run, dog grooming, laundry, crafts, grocery shopping, typing out recipes, cleaning up a junk store jewel, printing out teacher binder stuff…just being overall *uber* productive.

My multi-tasking came to a bit of a grinding halt when my laptop was suddenly overcome with a malare-y, trojan-y, worm-y virus. One minue the computer is working, the next minute it is literally screaming at me. (True story…the virus made a screaming noise several times. Not cool.) Wouldn’t allow me to open anything.

Total buzz kill.

The goooooooood news is that my computer-degree husband came to my resue and cleaned everything up for me. It was not pretty, to say the least. (At one point the lecture I received about internet security he said the scan reported almost 700 threats against the computer. Yikes!) And it took him a while…which doesn’t leave me with much time to write today.

But I have a little something in my pocket that is perfect for a time like this.

Pictures of my Huxley baby! I’m such a proud puppy parent….he’s grown since I blogged about him last.

April 18th marked his 2nd birthday! My kids wrote him little birthday notes…and I forced him to wear a party hat. 😛

huxley birthday

One of the best parts of summer is my Huxley snuggles!

huxley closeup

I’ve been itching to get Hux a bow-tie for quiiiiiite a while now. After lots of searching and a Facebook poll, I finally settled on one that I love. He looks quite dashing, don’t ya think? (Hehe…it’s okay. I know not everyone gets the bowtie thing. But I *love* it!)

huxley bowtie

It takes me a bazillion shots to get a good picture of him in the bowtie. A photographer comes over to take pictures for a party and snaps this in one shot. Go figure! 😉

huxley handsome

It’s puppy love for sure!

huxley love

Look at that fat baby…he’s getting heavy!

huxley chill

Summer is here!

(And for the record, he hates the pool. I don’t even bother putting him in anymore because he just stands in one spot like a statue. Weirdo!)

huxley pool

He’s as quirky and full of attitude as ever…I enjoy having him as my little shadow!


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