Happy Anniversary, my love!

It was only 3 short years ago that we…


did this…


Awh! *Blush*

Today the husby and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary…and what a blessed girl I am. I have a man by my side who cares for me, laughs with me, talks to me, provides for me, challenges me, protects me, and loves me.

He and I have traveled a windy road…some days are sweet and easy, like driving with the windows down on a sunny day & singing to your favorite song. Other days are long and hard, like driving uphill on an old country road full of ruts. Sometimes it rains…sometimes the car won’t start… sometimes he drives me crazy…but most of the time it’s smooth drivin’. And the best part? He’s by my side…always.

Our first year was sweet, full of excitement and laughter. Year two was a struggle in many ways, but we learned so much…and if that’s the most struggle we ever have then we’ll be most certainly blessed. In year three…I feel like we’ve bloomed. We’ve grown as individuals, we’ve grown together, and we’ve grown in the Lord. It’s been a busy year, but one that has been full of joy and life. Good stuff, for sure. 🙂

I heard a quote once that said marriage is one of God’s most holy ways of sanctifying us. It resonated deeply with me because, in my experience, it has been. At times, our marriage has been pure and reflective of who God is and how He loves us…and at others, like a sanctifying fire burning away the impurities within me. There is no doubt that our marriage is about more than flesh and bones, more than just the two of us…it is about the good work that God is bringing to pass in both of us, grinding away the rough edges to make us more like Him.

Because really, in the end, it’s all about Jesus. Knowing Him. Being known by Him.



So to my sweet husband, thank you for doing your best to love me the way Christ loves the church. For the part you play in helping Christ mold me. Thank you for not giving up on me when I fail, for celebrating with me when the Lord chooses to bless us, and for showing up every day for me and for our marriage. You are a good, good man.


My momma always tells me how lucky I am to have a guy who will buy into all my silliness and adventures. I’d have to say I agree!

As I begin to look forward to another year of wedded bliss & holy matrimony, I can’t even begin to know what God has in store for us…or how He is going to work out these big dreams we’ve got in our hearts. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see! 😉


P.S. If you’ve got time, I’d love for you to go check out a post (or 2 or 3, it turned into a series!) over at Cross-Shaped Stuff called “How I Know My Wife Married the Wrong Person.” I read it a month or so ago and just think he is right on. Check it out and be blessed!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, my love!

  1. This made my day. Happy Anniversary. Keep calm & love on.


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