Trash to Treasures!

After what has turned out to be an *amazing*…and also incredibly busy…summer, I’ve finally had a few days to stay at home with no where to go and little to do. (Well, little to do of ‘great importance’ anyway.) I decided to take things at a leisurely pace (hey, I tire easily in the summer!)…and that’s how it ended up taking me 3 days to clean our house. Our like 1300 square foot house.

Go me!

In my defense, I did a pretty deep clean in each room…scrubbing baseboards & door frames and such. I also took breaks to have friends over for visits, take my niece to the movies, check Facebook every 10 minutes (Sidenote here…I’ve made 2 observations about FB…#1 –  There’s really no reason to check it every 10 minutes. Nothing that exciting is happening. So why do I still do it?! #2 – I tend to change my status a lot during the summer. Like too much. It’s a compulsion.), play with the dog, and swim (aka – lounge) in my kiddie pool.

It’s been glorious. Gloooooorrious! Glooooriouuuuuuus! Glorious, I tell you!

Since I finally had the house clean, today I decided to tackle a project from my crafty list…recovering a garage-sale bench that was given to me by my sweet Aunt! For this particular job I knew 2 hands probably wouldn’t be enough, so I called in reinforcements…insert “Friend Kelli.” (Yes, that’s literally what I call her. I know a lot of people named Kelli.)

As always, she was a rockstar…so helpful and encouraging. Not going to lie, it got a little hairy at times. (Hairy as in crazy. As in I would cut without having a good plan in place and create new problems for us to solve. That’s a bad habit of mine…) It got a little itchy at times. (One word. Burlap.) And in the end…we were in love!

 The whole hairy process…from start to finish!bench2

The bench looks bigger than my desk…but I love that I can sit criss-cross while I type. It’s super comfortable & waaay sturdier than my last bench. Plus I just can’t get over chevron. I’ll be 80 years old and still rockin’ chevron stripes. #notgonnaletitdie!


There’s still a bit of work to be done…buttons to be found (or covered, Ma!) and hot-glued into the flower accents…2nd degree burns to be healed (I literally peeled skin off when I got distracted & stuck my finger in hot glue. Apparently I absolutely cannot do two things at once during the summer.)…and random little strings to trim off her and there.

But overall? In love.

And soooo glad I had Friend Kelli’s help. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have powerstapled my forehead (on accident!) and just gobbed up the burlap. Not good.

I want to leave you with one last pretty for tonight…check out the amazing milk-glass dish set that was *given* to me by my too-sweet neighbors! Perfect pieces for hosting an adorable party or shower…you know I’m lovin’ that! 😉



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