Since I’ve been gooooooooonnnneeee….

If this blog were a plant, it would have withered by now for sure.

If this blog were being graded, I would receive a big. fat. F.

If this blog were an elephant, it would be taking up an exhorbitant amount of room in my little corner of cyber-space.

Or at least one would think.

I actually started writing this post at the end of April….and here I am finishing it at the beginning of June. *sigh* Bad, bad blogger.

The truth is that I’ve been too busy to even think that much about blogging, or the lack thereof. I had to really prioritize what went into each day, and writing was something I could eliminate that wouldn’t make me lose my job….or my husband. *wink*

Also, in the name of total honesty, when the battery on our desktop broke, it became a regular ol’ desktop. Which means I can’t sit on the couch to blog. This became a problem when all I wanted to do for the last six weeks of school was sit on the couch like a vegetable.

So here I find myself, well over 3 months since my last post…wondering if blogging is something I want to continue or not. I’ve been at it for right at 2 years now, and this little journal of mine has been witness to a whole lot of life in that time.

…Chris and I were practically baby-married people when I began (hadn’t even celebrated our first wedding anniversary yet), and now…well… hopefully in the grand scheme of life we’re still baby-married people. 😉  I’ve been pretty open about our joys & struggles, and I can look back and see how the Lord has led us on this big adventure called marriage.

…Huxley has gone from a twinkle in our eyes & a picture on my a tiny, wormy little a chewing, barking, fiesty the smart, spunky, opinionated character he is today. He has added so much fun to our family, and I love that we’ve got the craziness recorded in writing.

…I lost my sweet Pappy right after starting this blog. In a lot of ways, writing helped me process what I was feeling. In the time since we’ve gained a brother-in-law & a nephew, and had many new friends enter our lives. I’ve been able to honor the people that I love and care about with my words, and that has been very meaningful to me.

…I’ve taught around 30 kids in the last two years. Spent a looooooot of time thinking about them and pouring into them, teaching and praying and struggling and celebrating. It’s been a growing process for me too…in more ways than one, sadly. (2 words – stress eating)

…The Lord has been challenging & growing me in countless areas over the last two years or so; writing gave me a way to solidify and work out within myself what He was teaching me. I pray & trust that there’s more to come; more goodness to flow down.

…There have been adventures, kitchen disasters (and a few successes thrown in there!), parties, books, thoughts, studies, struggles, and just good ol’ silliness…all recorded with a reminder to keep calm and love on.

I started this blog as a life journal, a way to hold onto my thoughts and the beauty of this sweet little life of mine. I’d say in that regard it’s been a success.

And I’d say that is the reason why I will continue writing.

Sometimes in blog land it’s easy to get sucked into wanting more readers, wanting more comments, or (if you are my husband) wanting your blog to make you some money honey. None of those things are bad, or even out of the realm of possibility, but they aren’t and can’t be why I log on and type my heart out.

I want to blog because it helps me process. To remember. To honor my Lord and those who bless me with their friendship and love.

I want to blog because I can go back and giggle over how silly Chris and I looked when we dressed up with Huxley for the Halloween contest at the pet store, or cry when I read about the heartbreak of losing my grandma, or marvel when I see how far the Lord has brought me.

I want to blog because hopefully Chris and I are on the brink of moving into a new phase of life…one full of mystery and wild excitement and giddiness and naiveness. One that I surely will want documented.

So yeah.

Some people scrapbook. Others make home movies. I blog.

When I have time to.



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5 thoughts on “Since I’ve been gooooooooonnnneeee….

  1. Alexis

    I had been thinking about you & missing your blog!! Glad you’re back!

  2. Mary Book

    Thank Goodnees you’re back!! I really enjoy your writings and missed seeing new ones
    . And let’s be honest, I was tired of seeing your “home made cleaners” blog. It just reminded me of what I’m NOT getting done.

    • Haha…thanks Mary! I’m having a little trouble getting back into the writing groove,but hopefully I’ll get there. (And no worries – I haven’t made any homemade cleaners since that last post! Ha!)

  3. Kim

    So glad you’re back! 😊


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