Date at the Drive-In

I’ve started and restared this post oh…several times. All because I was skirting around saying this one thing.

I like to make-out.

With my husband of course. 😉

There. It was easier to just put it out there.

It was with that in mind that I penned (or rather, typed) #9 on my 30 by 30 list…”Go to a drive-in movie & make out with my husby.”

Shortly after constructing my list, I came across a Groupon for a discounted ticket to the Brazos Drive-In Theater in Granbury, TX. It was too perfect to pass up, so I bought it. That was in the fall…right before it started getting cold. Once that cold hit, I knew there was no way I would get Chris to agree to going, so I had to bide my time.

Fast forward to this past weekend. A beautiful spring day + a coerced husband = drive-in movie date…it had finally arrived! I can’t say that Chris was excited about it, but it didn’t take him long into our drive to relax and start to look forward to the movie. (Well that, and I may or may not have promised him unlimited nachos.)

We pulled into town, waited in a super long line (turns out we weren’t the only ones with this genius idea for a Saturday night), and took a few tries at finding what we thought would be the perfect spot to see the screen. I drug out all the blankets, quilts, comforters, mattress pads, and pillows I had brought along to make our truck-bed more comfortable, then we set off to load up on nachos, popcorn, & sodas before the feature film started.

We got back to the truck just as the movie started…only to discover that an SUV had pulled up in front of us and raised their hatch juuuuuusssst enough to block the lower quarter of the screen. Fabulous. It’s okay, we said…we’ll just have a truck couch instead of a truck bed.

Which was a good plan…except that Chris had just polished off a hot dog, a huge order of chili nachos, a Dr. Pepper, and what was left of my nachos. We should have shared an order, we said…we’ll just let it settle a little.

And that might have worked…except that he has an injury from an old wreck which makes it uncomfortable for him to sit for long periods of time. I wonder what my parents did with my butt pillow, he said…that would have come in handy.

All that comes together into a big-ol’ ball of…no makie-outie.

One might have thought that I’d be disappointed. But the truth is, sitting there with Chris, snuggled up under a blanket watching a movie under the stars was just this wonderful moment of comfort & sweetness.

That’s the good stuff people.

<Well, that and knowng that I’m married to the guy…and there will be plenty more opporunities to make-out like a couple of teenagers.>

I’m going to go ahead and count this one as completed. I love experiencing new things with my love! 🙂


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