Pinch Me!

I didn’t wear green yesterday. At all. Not even green under-pantelones or a green sticker on my shirt.


And yet, despite my glaring absence of green, I didn’t get pinched.

I feel like I cheated “the pinch.”

So here I am, facing a Monday morning, first day back after a week off, lesson plans haphazardly thrown together, children about to be walking into our classroom….with this St. Patrick’s day curse loomin over me.

That’s bad voodoo lads.

It’s with that in mind that I’m just going to throw caution and etiquette to the wind and share a few St. Patty’s Day treats with you. Roll with it. 🙂


I’ve never done much with my kiddos at school for St. Patrick’s Day. It usually ends up falling during Spring Break, we’re super busy, I’m a bump on a log because I’m so tired and ready for a break, yadda yadda yadda.

This year, thanks to Pinterest & Teacherspayteachers, I was feelin’ it. It started out low-key at the beginning of the week, but by the end we were in full fledged Leprechaun-frenzy mode.

<What WAS I thinking?!>

For homework, I had the kids make leprechaun traps. <We were studying inventions, so it tied in nicely.> As they trickled in over the week, our sneaky leprechaun would thwart their plans, leave them notes, and escape their traps. The traps were quite impressive…my favorite was “The Golden Pool,” which had a diving board that would lead the Leprechaun straight into a pool of golden honey & glitter.

<It was legit…real honey and everything!>

Another bit of fun we had was making “hats.” This is a bit of fun that you should tuck away…could be a handy magic trick! I had the kids use Sharpies to decorate styrofoam cups. Lo and behold, it wasn’t long before our tricky Leprechaun stole the cups…right out from under one of our traps! When they were returned a day later, they had shrunk to Leprechaun size! 😉

<Would you ever have thought that baking styrofoam cups in the oven for a few minutes on 300 degrees would cause them to shrink down and harden?>


In the end, we never did catch that Leprechaun. He left his footprints on our desk, a picture of himself in their traps, and plenty of notes…but there was no pot of gold at the end of our rainbow.

<Hey, teachers are on a tight budget these days!>


Yesterday we had a brunch at church, and since I can always trust that there will be tasty foods brought by more qualified chefs, I took the opportunity to bring a little flair by making a Lucky Charm snack. It was *super* sweet, tasty, and made all the more fun by the cute little polka-dotted cups I found. 🙂 No reason to wait for next year’s St. Patrick’s day…it would be a pot of gold any day!


That’s all I’ve got for ya…now would somebody just pinch me already?!


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2 thoughts on “Pinch Me!

  1. I don’t know if Chris would like to pinch you are not, but from what I hear he wouldn’t mind tickling you. 😉


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