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Yesterday was…not my best. A series of unfortunate events, we’ll call it. We could also call it a terrible horrible, no-good, very bad day. 😦

BUT. In the grand scheme of things, nothing that was going wrong is actually that bad. So I’ll get over it.

Today should be…much better. It’s our last day of school before Spring Break, there is going to be lots of silly leprechaun fun, and we’re having a grand book signing for our kinders.

Oh, yes, I’m sorry. You didn’t hear?

My 5 & 6 year olds published a book. Which pretty much makes them the most awesome kindergarteners ever.

Truth be told, they are probably my first and LAST set of kinders to publish a book. It was kind of a big ordeal. Lots of pre-writing, careful organizing, illustrating with markers on smeary paper and *gasp* writing the final drafts with black PENS. Then there was all the money collection, purchase orders, and worrying over what the final product would look like.


All silliness aside, I couldn’t be happier with or more proud of their end result. It is incredible. Their writing is awesome.

And they are going to loooooove it.

So today we celebrate them & their book with a book signing. There will be a movie reading of the story, special presentations to our honored guests, signing one another’s books, pictures…and cookies. Always cookies.

You go little Kinderbabies. You go.

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2 thoughts on “Published Authors

  1. Alexis

    What an awesome idea!!! Where did you get them “published” from?


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