Rooted in Love

Over the last month or so, my church girls and I have been revamping our new Sunday School room. Never mind that we actually “moved in” sometime before Christmas (we’re busy after all!)…it just took us some time to work out exactly what we wanted for this space. I wish I had taken “before” pictures…but pretty much just picture barren walls, pink carpet, dusty shades, and big ol’ tables.

We started by clearning out some of the random piles/fake plants/posters from 2+ decades ago. I’m not going to say where a lot of that stuff ended up, but I can tell you that Chris and his BFF took the ficus tree to the pastor’s office for it’s new home. *wink* Next we said buh-bye to the tables. That was probably our biggest hold-up…not everyone was sure if they wanted the tables gone or not…so we finally just went for it. A final cleaning of a musty-old cabinet, with more papers dating back to the 80’s and some mothy old curtains finding a new home, and we had a blank canvas to work with. That only took us a couple of months or so. 🙂

The next step was starting the design process. (Doesn’t that just make it sound so much more important and fun?) We settled on a color scheme pretty quickly – grey, yellow, and teal – and then created a group Pinterest board so that we could all pin decor / fabric ideas. From there we just kind of rolled on…I brought in paint samples for everyone to approve, and we started buying / collecting all the little pretties that we would need to make our room beautiful.

Repurposed screen door w/ a banner (our class name…The Front Porch) above our built in bookshelf


Repainted “teacher desk” for our fearless leader / Calendar of events & updated clock


Pinterest printables backed with scrapbook paper…with a few paper leaves for added charm.


The curtains were just what we needed for that final *pop*! Thanks Lisa’s mom for making them!


Old windows (thanks Jake’s mom!) and a table we borrowed from the foyer outside our room look lovely against our yellow wall!


A recovered pew & coffee table add that “homey” feel, centered in front of our Family Tree…


The Family Tree is probably my favorite part of the room…once it’s complete it will have pictures of every family that is represented in our class!


And now for a little perspective on the room…never mind that one of our windows fell off the wall already and is currently under repair. 🙂

001 002 003 004

This is one of my favorite little parts of the room…


Just a few finishing touches and all will be complete! It truly feels like our little home away from home…which was proven after church on Sunday I do believe. When Sunday School was over most of us stayed around talking, laughing, watching our class babies toddle around, and doing sound checks for almost an hour. Having our room completed feels like one more piece of our church motto falling into place…First Baptist Church – where friends go to become family!


P.S. – Sound checks you say? Turns out there isn’t much (as in any) insulation between our room and the next and we may be *ahem* a little on the loud side. Not sure how to solve that little problemo…

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One thought on “Rooted in Love

  1. I love it! The yellow wall looks so happy. And I WANT that old church pew!!!!


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