Could it be?

Is it possible I could be turning a corner in my cooking abilities? Cause seriously y’all, I’ve been cookin’ some tasty dinners up in here! Today I’ll share a few of the new recipes we’ve tried and loved. Some I have followed to a T (or is it tee? how do you write that?), but most I improvised on a bit. That’s my style…and it finally seems to be working for me!

No Peek Beef Tips from “Mommy’s Kitchen”…Cook time is 3 hours. Not in Heather-land. I switched it to stovetop and cooked for over an hour or so. Would have been more tender had I cooked it longer, but it just wasn’t possible that day. Also, it calls for Ginger Ale…but who has ginger ale laying around? I used beef broth instead. We served it over homemade mashed potatoes with a side of aspargus.

I thought the flavors were soooo tasty. Seriously yummy. 🙂

Ranch Cheddar Chicken from “Buns in My Oven”…Heaven help me, this chicken was incredible. Can’t be good for you at all, but the taste is so good that it makes you forget about feeling bad. This was super easy to make, the only improv I did was switching the order of the toppings. Panko first, mayo/cheddar/ranch spread second. I’m lickin’ my lips just thinking about it! (We served with homestyle mac & cheese and broccolini.)

Sausage Bean Soup & Pasta from “The Italian Dish”…I had every intention to make this soup according to the recipe. I bought all the ingrediants and everything. But then I decided on a whim to make it one cold February day, and found out once I had already started dumping stuff in the pot that this particular recipe required a little prior planning. Like soaking beans. And thawing turkey sausage instead of ground beef.

Oh well. I used the ground beef and black beans I had and just went for it. Threw in a few extra spices while I was at it. Let it simmer while I went for a run on the treadmill, made a little cornbread (ignore how I added MORE carbs to this meal), then topped it with fresh parmesan cheese. I’ve gotta say, the fresh grated cheese brought a really great flavor to the soup.

Chris isn’t a big soup guy, so I was able to divide this up into containers and had ready to go lunch for the rest of the week. If it gets cold again, you need to give this one a try!

The Pizzadilla from Budget Bytes…Can’t say this one is crazy good or anything, but it was a quick and tasty way to use a few leftover tortillas. Chris said this was nothing new (he always called them ghetto-pizzas apparently) so you may have already given it a try…if not, tuck it away for a night when you are short on time. I added mushrooms and my new favs – olives – to my ‘dillas. 🙂

Baked Parmesan Fries from The Scrumptious Pumpkin…I tried a new spice for this recipe “Herbs de Provence” (Chris thinks it tastes just like the combo of spices we use in our chicken & dumplings), and since then I’ve thrown it on a few other things as well. These fries were easy to make and tasty…I don’t remember what we even had them with. Guess they were the shining star of the meal! 🙂

So yeah. There ya go. If I can do it, then so can you…so get to cookin!


P.S. – Don’t tell…but I didn’t even cook dinner tonight…my sister-in-law did! Thanks K!

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