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My oh my, how time can get away from me. It’s been a few days since I’ve had time to stop by the old blog-a-roo…things have been pretty much nonstop until this past weekend, when I basically just crashed and logged quite a few hours of sleep trying to catch back up. I’m feeling more rested now, am recovering from a pesky sinus infection, and am going to do my darndest to not over-schedule myself in the two weeks left between now and the *gloriousness* that is spring break.

Catch Up_


School has been full of the alphabet and fractions and publishing a book (oh yes, you read that correctly…I’ll have to post on that sometime soon!) and teaching all sorts of expressions of speech. Turns out “I’ve got something up my sleeve” / “TMI” / “Texas twang” make no sense to 6 year olds. While we’ve been at it, I went ahead and taught them what a ‘rhetorical question’ is (because inevitabley they will shout out answers to questions that I really just wanted them to think about and pick their nose instead of speaking when I want an actual verbal answer from their mouths.) I’ve got a couple of little darlings who love to remind everyone that “that was a rhetorical question!!”…even when it really wasn’t. We’ll get there. 😉

I had another “Teacher of the Year” moment this past week during “Read to Self.” We’ve worked really hard on independent reading this year, and the kids can sit quietly in one spot and read to themselves for about 20 minutes at a time. One of the main rules of Read to Self is that they are not supposed to talk to anyone, including/especially me. It is their time to “be the boss of themselves” and solve their own problems… because, honestly, they just shouldn’t have many problems to deal with. Sit and read. Pretty easy. While they are reading I’m usually meeting with small groups of readers, completing testing, listening to reading, or (on occasion) modeling reading by sitting and enjoying a grown-up book myself.

That’s where I found myself on this particular day. Feet propped up, teacher devotional book in my hands, sitting and reading and enjoying the quietness in the room. At one point, while feeling particularly content, I looked around the room and felt my heart swell with pride. Everywhere I looked, kids were settled in, reading picture books, sounding out our phonics readers, silently sobbing, snuggling in with pillows and their favorite…wait. Something is wrong here. Was that crying I just saw?

Turns out that in the name of “never talk to the teacher during read to self,” one of my sweet little guys sat there silently sobbing with his hand raised in the air (for an undetermined amount of time) instead of coming to get a band-aid when his book ‘cut him.’ Luckily it was just a small amount of blood, and he recovered pretty quickly…but it definitely left me feeling a little humbled. 😉


At home we’ve been busy spending time with friends, going on adventures, and completing crafty projects. (Me = banners for our Sunday School room / a birthday party. Chris = making targets with cardboard and spraypaint.) I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate me calling his target making a “crafty project,” but you won’t tell him, right?

Our favorite adventure was a Valentine trip to Medieval Times. Chris had never been, but his family loves dinner theater type shows, so I knew he would love it. I bought us the Valentine package (which basically meant we got a bunch of plastic *crap* that was fun to wave around at the time…but now I don’t know what to do with) and made arrangements for one of my sweet friends to come check on Huxley.

Making it to Dallas for the show was a little touch and go (thanks to construction and a husband who gets very tense in Dallas traffic) so we were quite relieved to make it to the castle. We were assigned to cheer for the yellow knight, which we did heartily, and were rewarded when he was crowned winner of the festivities. We ate with our hands, booed the enemy, and laughed at every single corny joke our “serf” (aka – waiter) told us. It was a really great date night!

(Turns out Huxley had a pretty great night too…and he left us a note to show it!)



Throw in a big HEB trip, Pinterest board full of new recipes, decorating adventures at church, wrapping up two bible studies, a funeral for a sweet friends Grandpa and a birthday for a darling little one year old, doctors appointements, about 10 loads of laundry and an equal amount of dishes…and you can see why I needed to sleep my way through this past weekend.

Such is life…I guess I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t running around! 😛


P.S. – Did you notice the blogs new look? I got a wild hair over the weekend to revamp it a bit & this is what I came up with…lovin’ the look!

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