Can you smell the love…er…chocolate?

I spent my evening yesterday battling the crowds at Wal-Mart (talk about wanting to go home and eat every bag of chocolate I just fought tooth and nail for) and prepping for our class Valentine party. It’s going to be a *sweet* one, and my awesome parents chipped in the moolah so I could coordinate everything.

Now that’s what I’m talking about! 😉

In case you are still wondering what you might do for the special kiddos in your life, I thought I’d pass along a few of the tricks I’ve got up my sleeve this year…so fun!

Love Potion

Water Bottle, Swirly Straw, Red Powdered Drink Mix (That label says “Love Potion”…in case you were wondering!)


Chocolate Play-doh

It’s *amazing*! I could never give as thorough of a tutorial as this smart lady, so check out her blog and recipe for this fun treat!


I tried to fashion the big ol’ lump of it into a Hershey’s kiss…but all Chris could do was laugh and say it looked like a pile of poop. I can’t say I totally disagree, but if I know kids, then I know this. 1) They love play-doh. 2) They love chocolate. 3) They love to laugh about poop.

What more could you need? 😉

chocolate2 So yep, I think I’ve got everything just about ready! Got a post coming up tomorrow on what I’m giving my love this year…have you done your shopping yet? 😉


P.S. – I think this is a pretty cute Valentine idea too…a whoopie cushion Valentine! 🙂 Check out the link for a free printable!

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