Casserole Swap

On Sunday the lovely ladies from my Sunday School class got together for our first every “Casserole Swap.” It’s been a dream of our SS teacher to make this happen, so we were all excited to get one on the calendar and make it happen. She hosted us, and her home was the perfect location…she had a HUGE kitchen table for us to spread out around, plenty of room for the kids to run around, and a donkey named Choco to keep the husbands occupied. (Poor Choco. My husband tried to ride him and Choco just about fell over. So sad…and funny at the same time!)

The basic idea of a casserole swap is for all the ladies to bring a casserole recipe and all the ingrediants for each participant to make that casserole. For example, I decided to make a breakfast casserole…for a couple of reasons. A) It only had 5 ingrediants, and when you are shopping for 7 identical casseroles you don’t want a bazillion ingrediants to buy. B) It looked easy. *wink*

I’ve never really “bought in bulk” before…I was feeling nervous about the costs associated with this until I remembered that it would come full circle when I came home with a big ol’ bunch of casseroles. I loaded up on eggs, cheddar cheese, breakfast sausage, pie crusts, and half & half… all the makings of a tasty breakfast casserole!


Once we arrived, we spread out at the table and hit it. Be warned, my pictures of the day…suck. (Sorry for the s-word mom.) I’m getting more antsy about upgrading to a phone with a flash. But for now, just be assured that the ladies in these pics are beautiful inside and out…and they aren’t at all fuzzy in real life.

Lisa was first up with her Green-Enchilada Casserole. She has all the makings of a great t.v. chef…just waiting on her big break! 😉

Casserole Swap Tip: If you’ve got one, bring a family favorite so that you can share the love with others!


I was next up with my breakfast casserole, and the girls got a taste of cooking “Heather style.” Which basically means to take the recipe as a “general guideline” and cross your fingers that it works out. I substituted pie crusts for crescent rolls (which is what the original recipe called for) and had everyone just scoop out some eggs & sausage…no measuring for this girl! 😉 Cook time? Um…idk. Try following the time on the pie box and see how that works out for ya…

Casserole Swap Tip: When it doubt, go with something simple.


Rachel was up next with her Pizza Casserole. I can’t wait to try this one…I made one 8×8 for Chris with just the basics, and other 8×8 for myself with onions, tomatoes, and spinach. Delish!

Casserole Swap Tip: Have each participant bring her own pans, that way she can decide if she would rather have an 8×8 or a 9×13…or what combination thereof.

Rachel’s husband is an amazing chef…and trust me when I say she’s not to shabby herself!  casserole5

Kaylee beat her sister out for the chance to bring the next casserole…called “Mexican Mess.” I think Chris will love this one…we’ll definitely be having it sometime soon!

Casserole Swap Tip: Bring foil & sharpies to cover/label your casseroles. On each casserole we wrote: The name, cook time / temperature, date it was made, and what sides to serve with it. Rachel did a little research and found that most casseroles will be good for up to 3-4 months when frozen.


Meet Ashley! These girls come from a family of good cookin’…I’m jealous of all of their “secret family recipes!” She made a tator tot casserole and was *very* organized when it came to making sure each girl got the ingrediants she needed. No shame Ashley!

Casserole Swap Tip: If you need exact measurements, package it that way in advance. It makes the dumping-together-part much easier!


Up next was Kayla, our Sunday School teacher and preacher’s wife extraordinaire! She is pictured with one of our other sweet friends, Anette. Anette’s job was to make an extra of each casserole (we planned it that way) so that we have a set of casseroles to give when babies come, family members are sick, etc. Kayla made one of her family’s favorites, a chicken casserole with stuffing. It couldn’t have been easier, so I can’t wait to see how it tastes!

Casserole Swap Tip: It isn’t hard to add in one extra casserole per recipe…and then you’ve got a set to give away when people need it!


And that’s about it! There were loads of trash…and dirty dishes…and trust me when I say that the cream of mushroom soup was flowing like water. I left with 14 casseroles ready to freeze and eat when we run out of money at the end of a paycheck, and with a happy heart from time spent with good friends. 😉 I do have to say, a big set of casseroles like that are muuuuuuuccccchhhhh heavier than you would ever imagine.

Casserole Swap Tip: Don’t buy cheap pans…mine kept crumpling up. 😦 Also, take a sturdy bag or pan to carry the casseroles as you transport them home!


So there ya go…call up your girls, invest in cream of mushroom soup, and go to town with a casserole swap!


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