Peaks & Valleys

Dear Diary,

This past weekend was…most interesting, to say the least.

Take the weather….cold & drizzly on Saturday, with a big ol’ thunder/hail storm that night, only to be absolutely beautiful on Sunday…sunshine-y and the perfect breeze to make my nap on the couch with the window open absolutely delicious.

The peak? Perfect napping weather of course!

The valley? The windy drizzle..brrr!

Friday evening was a quite one around our house. After school I got a massage (I’ve been getting a series of massages to try & get the HUGE knots to let loose) then came home to work on a couple of painting projects…which ended up taking me ALL night to do. The husband’s computer is broken right now, so he was pretty mopey and bored. It ended up being a pretty loooong night.


The peak? Enjoying a Valentine treat with my Valentine…Dr.Pepper floats!

The valley? Having so much work to do on my project that I couldn’t just relax with my Valentine. 😦

Saturday was a blur of activity…quick shopping trip around a couple of antique shops (walked away with an old screen to hang on our SS room wall!) then off to paint/decorate our Sunday School room. More to come on that once it’s complete, but our color scheme is gray, yellow, and teal…and it will be fabulous!

When I got home that evening I just absolutely crashed. Like hardcore drooling-all-over-the-pillows crashed. Woke up with crazy hair and a sleep hangover and walked-around-like-a-zombie crashed.

After a quick walk in the cool air with the dog to clear my head, we decided to tackle our taxes. In hindsight, it probably would have been better to wait. Like forever. Maybe I’ll post on that another day. Or maybe not.

The peak? Laughing & decorating & jamming to 90’s pop music with my friends

They valley? Taxes. Definitely taxes.

Sunday was a busy day of church and cooking and napping and a casserole swap with my homegroup girls. Got a post coming up on that one this week, so stay tuned. 🙂

The peak? Well, the nap…and the fellowship with great friends

The valley? Hum…there really wasn’t one. 🙂 That’s a happy thought!

Who knows what this next week will bring…lots of busyness & lovey things, for sure. And hopefully, if I manage everything just right, a few blog posts along the way. *wink*

Happy Monday!


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One thought on “Peaks & Valleys

  1. I’m very sure all those valleys brought you maybe just one more step closer to our Father! Love you, sweetie! Have a great week at school and with our Lord!


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