Teacher of the…

Year? Bahaha…

Month? In August maybe…I rock at getting an awesome room set-up… *wink*

Week? Perhaps…depending on the week. 🙂

Day? I’m especially fun on themed days…

Hour? Oh yeah, I was really rockin it out the other day during math…differentiation and everything!

Sometimes it feels more like “Teacher of the Minute“…and then the sky starts falling and I resemble Chicken Little more than a “master teacher.”

Definitely not saying I’ve reached master status, but I have achieved quite a few successes in my (going on) 6 years of teaching. Lots of reasons for that…including (but not limited to): God, my teacher family, internal drive, a good education, and amazing coworkers…no one becomes a good teacher without learning from others and growing themselves.

On the flip side (because let me tell ya, there is always ALWAYS a flip side in education) I’ve had more *flops* than I care to count…more lessons that bombed, words that came out jumbled, and feelings that I hurt than any teacher would like to have in her past. But what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger…and I do my best to learn from each of those moments and not repeat them again.

And so that’s how one day I was telling one of my kids (using a much stronger word and tone than I should have) that I did not, in fact, like her drawing (it was all purple SCRIBBLES for pete’s sake)…and the next day my principal told me that he had chosen to honor me with a teaching award through one of the local colleges. I felt humbled and honored, to say the least.

The award ceremony was a few weeks ago, and for the most part it was a lovely day! Motivational speaker in the morning, lunch with the principals & superintendents, an awards ceremony in the afternoon…and then an “update on Austin.” (Could have done without that last part for sure!) It was nice to spend an “adult” day and was inspiring to be in such great company.

Here’s a pic of the bling I received…



When I got back to school that next Monday I showed it to the kids & was kind of prodding them, saying “Oh wow, come on now…you are being taught by an award winning teacher. Doesn’t that make you feel good about the learning we do here?”

Their response?

Underwhelmed. They were more impressed with the soft, velvety back of the medal. Ah well, you win some, ya lose some. 😉


P.S. – The sweet little thing with the purple scribble picture forgave me shortly afterwards. 🙂 I apologized and we hugged it out. All is well.

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One thought on “Teacher of the…

  1. Very proud of you, sweetie! Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!


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