Graffiti Run!!

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I’m not afraid of color.

Like, at all.

I’ve always been very colorful…tending to think that the more bright colors you can mix together the better. So when I saw a Living Social coupon for something called the “Graffiti Run,” I knew I was in. It took a little prodding to find my running partner, but the perfect girl for the job stepped up…my wild & sassy friend J! She was a little nervous since it was her first 5k, but in the end she rocked it out like I knew she would and we had a phenomenal time. Check out some of our pics from the day!

Basic Idea: Start in as much white clothing as possible…and, when in doubt, colorful socks.


Dance around before getting splattered by a little “pre-race color,” then hit the course. Every half mile or so there are color stations with volunteers throwing colored-chalk like powder at you. This was me when we finished the race!


Here we are covered in color & feeling like rock stars! J and I made the perfect running partners because we basically share a brain…it was easy for us to navigate around other runners/walkers and then meet back up. We ran *most* of the way…yay for us!


After the race you meet up with the other runners for a color party. There’s a dj crankin’ out fun music, loads of colored powder, and a countdown…once we hit zero everyone threw their color into the air. It was crazy cool…there was just this cloud of color that enveloped everyone for 10 seconds or so, and everyone was jumping and cheering and dancing to the music. *So* memorable & so much fun!


It was wild how much colored powder we had on us afterwards, so it took a little strategic changing in the parking lot to be suitable enough to get in the car. (Note to self – if you ever do a color run, make sure you take sheets for your car seats!)


The best part about running 5ks? Fun shirts!


Changed, in the car, and ready to go eat brunch! (And yes. We totally went looking just like this.)


Breakfast of Champions from Ol’ South Pancake House…best meal I’ve had in a looong time!

graffiti8So yeah. It was pretty amazing. Definitely an experience I would recommend…and may try again myself! 🙂 Hooray!


P.S. – Saturday just turned out to be a coupon kind of day…later that night we ended up going in to Ft. Worth and Chris & I cashed in a Groupon I’ve been waiting to use…a carriage ride through downtown Ft. Worth!


It’s something I’ve always wanted to do…and even if it wasn’t quite as “romantic” as I’d pictured it to be, it was still pretty sweet. *wink*

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