Praying through the world

Praying for the world.

How Miss America of me.


Here’s the deal…last year I felt challenged to read through the bible in a year. I found a great version, got a good system going, and by the grace of God (because you know if left up to myself I would have turned out the light instead of reading before bed) I finished it. I’ll be blogging about it soon…I truly believe it sparked what has been my greatest year of spiritual growth.

So this past spring, when we read “Radical” by David Platt (remember? I posted about it here…) I started to feel the call to pray for the world. I know I struggle with having a “world-view”…I just don’t have a lot of experience of knowledge of any countries outside of the US…and I know that God has a plan for ALL nations. I want to be in on that plan.

Platt suggested a resource for praying through the world…Operation World. They have a guide that provides you with stats on each country and leads you in areas of needed prayer.

“Great!” I thought. “A book! I can read a book.”

Whoa. If only.

I downloaded the book and started reading through the intro on my birthday. The intro itself was enough to boggle my mind. This book has a loooot of numbers in it. A lot of economic type stuff. Not a light read by any means.

That being said…I still feel called to pray for the world. I still feel like this book will be a valuable resource, especially since I had never heard of a third of the countries it said I would be praying for. I am still committing to follow the Lord down this path.

So with all of THAT being said…

*I am so, so weak…but God can be made strong through this process of prayer.

*I am going to pray for endurance to see this through to the end, but I am not going to put boundaries on myself by saying that it must happen within the time-frame of one year. I would rather read and pray with understanding than skim and pray to mark it off my list. Plus, I don’t want to neglect the time that I’ve learned to spend in the Word.

*I think I’ll need to be brushing up on my world geography!

Won’t you consider praying for me? And more importantly, with me?


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One thought on “Praying through the world

  1. It sounds like a book I would be interested in 🙂


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