One day…

This teacher is tired and it’s only Tuesday! Super short post tonight…I think I may sneak off to bed early. 🙂

My church girls and I are getting ready to re-do our Sunday School room. Nothing too fancy, just a few touches to make it not so…barren? Ugly? What’s the right word here friends? Anyway, I got a big ol’ calendar for us to hang up so we can remember A) all the fun things we have planned and B) to make time to do fun things together!

As I was sitting at the table working on it, filling in coming events, birthdays and anniversaries and such, it took me back to some of the sweet times I shared with my Pappy during her last several years. It became a tradition that each year for Christmas I would buy her a big calendar, then over a visit or two I would sit down with her and fill in important family dates, along with all of her upcoming doctors appts. It was a time to remember those who had passed on, to try and figure out how old everyone was going to be on their next birthday, and to choose cute stickers to put on all of the most important dates. We would always refer to her old calendars…which were, oddly enough, kept under her couch cushions for just such an occasion.


It’s been 2 Christmas’ now since she isn’t here with us anymore…and both years my shopping list has felt a little short without that stop by Staples to pick up Pappy’s calendar. Even though I’m sad that I can’t sit with her to fill out a new calendar for this year, I’m happy for the reminder of the sweet times we shared…and I know the day will come on the calendar of my life when I will see her again.

I love you Pappy!


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