30 Before 30…never tasted so sweet!

I had one main goal this past weekend…to make a rainbow / sprinkle cake. As in a successful, edible rainbow sprinkle cake. It’s one of the goals on my “30 Before 30” list, and since I just had a birthday I’ve been feeling like I probably need to accomplish a few to-do’s on the list. Before I give you the blow-by-blow / play-by-play / how-to, let me go ahead and answer the question that is probably burning in your mind.

Who puts “baking a rainbow cake” on their 30 before 30 list?!

It’s the same question my mom gently asked, and my dad blatantly asked (while holding up the “loser” sign I might add). My response to them is the same to you…

Because it’s my birthday and I’ll bake a cake if I want to,

Bake a cake if I want to,

Bake a sprinkle cake if I want tooooooo….

Which loosely translate into – A) Because I wanna, B) Because I was trying to set attainable goals, and C) Because I think learning to bake/decorate cakes sounds like fun.

Good enough reasons for me! My planning was mediocre at best, but I couldn’t see any reason not to just go for it. So I scanned a few Pinterest leads, raided my mom’s baking supplies, and proceeded to get as many dishes dirty as I possibly could. I just *know* you are going to want to make your own “Rainbow Sprinkle Cake” after this, so I included step by step pictures to teach you how. You could also look it up on Pinterest…but trust me when I say that I have some new and innovative ideas that you probably won’t see anywhere else. (In other words, I made it up as I went.)

Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

Mix a light colored batter of your choice and separate out into small bowls.

(The number of bowls you need depends on how many different colors you want…)


Grease your pans…this is where I got a little creative. I knew I wanted my sprinkle cake to be a cylinder…but a SMALL cylinder. Since we were having spaghetti for dinner, I decided to use the empy sauce can to bake in. The small glass pan is for the leftover batter.


Add food coloring to color your batter. Mom was out of red dye, so I used yellow, green, and blue to make an “ombre” style rainbow.


I didn’t take a picture of the next part…mostly becasue there was nothing to see. I layered the batter in the can by spooning in a bit of each color at a time, then did the same to the cake pan. Popped in the oven and kept my eyes on it since I wasn’t quite sure what the cooking time would be. <The small cake pan cooked quickly since it had a thin layer of batter. The can took longer since it was so tall and thick.>

Once the cakes were out of the oven and had cooled a bit, Mom helped me out by using a can opener to cut off the bottom of the can. The cake just slid right out!


And voila! A layered rainbow cake!


Looks tasty already!


The next step was a “crumb coat” of icing over the can cake. For newbies like me, this meant just enough icing to cover the outside of the cake, with no regard for looking pretty or covering every section completely. Afterwards I popped it in the freezer for 20 minutes or so to set the icing and harden everything up a little.


While the cake was freezing I got the sprinkles ready…I bought a large tub of ’em at Wal-Mart and dumped them out into a big pan.


Aren’t sprinkles fun?!


This next part was a little tricky for me as well…so I decided to use a wooden skewer to help me out. I poked it all the way through the cake, then used it to help me roll the cake back and forth over the spinkles until it was completely covered.

Afterwards I plopped it down (as gently as I could, mind you) onto a plate and used a spoon and butterknife to help me coat the top of the cake with sprinkles.


And this was the finished product! It leaned a little…but I think it still qualifies as a success!


The inside was a fun surprise as well…I wasn’t worried about it being edible because none of it was homemade. 🙂 No surprises with the taste!


Of course, if you are thinking that is too much work, you could always do this kind of sprinkle cake. Muuuuuuch easier. *wink*


And it’s as easy as that! 😉 I’m going to go out on a limb and say that YES, I would do this again if someone wanted a sprinkle cake…but NO, I wouldn’t attempt one any bigger than this. I see disaster written all over that…might as well quit while I’m ahead!


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