I should be working.

And I kind of am…crusty dishes are soaking, laundry is washing, and the dog is barking. Not sure what that has to do with anything exactly, but I thought I’d throw it in there.

Despite the things I’m trying to wrap up for school tomorrow, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to drop by and make a *brief* entry into my diary/blog. I’ve got a few fun, fresh new things to blog about this week, so it would be best to get the yucky, smelly things out of they way first…right?

I went down to my parents this weekend, just me and the dog. Not often is it just the 3 of us these days…and by these days I mean for the last 23 1/2 years. A little brother tends to rain on the hogging-the-parents-all-to-yourself parade. Throw a husband into that equation and it’s not often that I get to visit with both Mom and Dad by myself.

We relaxed, switched back and forth between watching westerns and gymnastics, and laughed until we cried at text messages gone wrong. Mom and I did a little antiquing, ate Chinese food, and spent the better part of an evening trying to clean up / scan / defrag her malware infested laptop. All great fun. 😉

It would have been a perfect weekend really…topped off with a delicious sprinkle cake that you’ll hear more about tomorrow…if only it weren’t for a series of unfortunate, and smelly, events.

Friday Evening: Mom puts a bag of popcorn into the microwave, sets it…and then gets a little distracted. It’s a kitchen quality that we share…and that bites us in the rear from time to time. This particular occasion resulted in an incredibly burnt bag of popcorn, which in turn made *everything* in the house smell burnt. It still smelled when I left today. No bueno.

Saturday Afternoon: Antiquing led us into an old building…with years of cat debris. No other words are needed. Eck.

Sunday Morning: While on our morning walk, Huxley started wrestling/rolling around with my cousin’s crazy dog. Little did I know that said dog had been sprayed by a skunk sometime recently…so when I got Huxley back in the house it was not a pleasant surprise to find out that he smelled like a skunk now too! His joy from playing so hard was short lived…he’s not a fan of being dumped in the bathtub and having tomato sauce and shampoo slathered all over him apparently. After quite a bit of scrubbing I got the majority of the scent off of him…thank goodness, since we had a two hour car ride home together later that afternoon!

So all in all…it was a great weekend. But I could have done without the stench. *wink*


P.S. – Forgive me for sharing your popcorn story Mom. 🙂

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