Eighties Baby!

Today is my *birthday*…and it also happened to be 80’s day at our school (part of our Homecoming celebration). How fitting for an eighties baby such as myself! I woke my husby up before work so that he could capture the gloriousness that was my outfit, but for some reason he just kept covering his eyes instead of looking at me. 😛 Take a look…don’t you wish I was your teacher?

 Eighties Baby! 003

Thanks J for letting me borrow your tutu!


Totally tubular!

(P.S. – See those tights? No bueno. One size does noooooot fit all. First they were so tight that I felt like a sausage. I cut little slits in the sides, which worked great for a while…and then I started waddling when I walked. Then I tried to tape them up like thigh highs and cut the upper part out, which led to me needing to tape them to my legs. No lie. Finally I called the school nurse and told her I was about to break school dress code…so she brought me a pair of the sweet old school gray pants. Buh-bye tights!)


I was completely spoiled today by my kinderbabies & dear friends. Cards, flowers, gift certificates…even a pink balloon! Here are a few of my  gifties (I can’t wait to go shopping/get a pedicure with the $ and gift cards!) – love them all! I wish I would have taken a picture of the super cute shirt and jeans my mom got me….but I was busy wearing them! 🙂


My sweet friend L found these plates months ago and put them away for my b-day…aren’t they adorable?! Her mom made a delicious cake for us to enjoy…sweet mother, sweet daughter! 🙂


It seemed like there were surprises around every corner today at school…

*doughnuts with my teaching partner for breakfast*

*cupcakes from one of my kinders*

*a giant card from all my students*

*bright flowers wrapped up in a beautiful bouquet*

*lunch from Sonic from one of my besties*

*more cupcakes for one of my kinders (it was his birthday as well*

*a present / visit to my class from friend K*

My evening was just as precious…

*gorgeous weather & great walk with my Huxbaby*

*roses & a sweet card from the husband*

*a relaxing massage*

*dinner, surprise gifts & a delicious homemade cake with some of my favorite friends*

*phone calls from the people I love*

*facebook wishes from friends & families from all seasons of my life*

It was an absolutely beautiful day…my heart is overflowing. I pray that the Lord would use me to bless each of you as much as I’ve been blessed today! I love you all!

Looking forward to what He has in store for me this year, and thankful that He’ll be a part of my journey each day…



P.S. – Curious what I was doing last year for my birthday? Wanna see pics of me in the 80’s? Check ’em out here! The big…2-7?

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