Blue or Pink?

Now hold your horses there.

I am not having the blue or pink discussion right now. If I were you would be able to hear my husband hyperventilating through your computer speakers.

Rather, a wild/sweet/spunky teacher I work with is expecting her first baby…and she just found out the gender this week. We are all so excited that she is on her way to becoming a mom, so I thought it would be fun to throw her a simple “gender reveal” party after school one day. It was hard for her to hold it in, but she managed to keep it secret until the big reveal.

Here are a few pics from our celebration!

Quick & Easy (and might I add tasty?) Invites


Each teacher chose a pink or blue bow to wear throughout the day to “cast their vote”…and build suspense!


Blue was the overwhelming choice…I think only 4 of us went with pink. 🙂

(P.S. – Those bows were so easy to make! Let me know if you need a tutorial!)


The teacher’s lounge was transformed throughout the day…the cards on each table were for other Moms to share their expertise!006

Pink & Blue cookies & Kool-Aid!


I literally slaved all night making those cookies. Or spent $6 at Wal-Mart for them. Believe what you want.


Don’t parties just make life more fun?


I am so glad she agreed to let me celebrate her and her baby in a fun (and new!) way. I’m pretty sure I can speak for all the teachers when I say that as much as we are looking forward to meeting her little bundle, we are definitely looking forward to hearing all of her entertaining motherhood stories equally as much! 🙂

Yay for new babies!


P.S. – Pink bows won!

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