Creative Gift-Giving

If gift-giving could be considered a hobby, then I’d say it definitely has to be one of mine. More specifically, themed gift-giving. I *love* putting together a basket or baggie of coordinating goodies in a fun way…it gets my creative juices flowing!

My first boyfrand (misspelling intended…it’s my favorite way to spell it to convey a little twang) received really creative homemade themed gifts every Friday before his football games. I can remember getting little knick-knacks from the dollar store…but I can’t remember any of the baskets particularly. Bummer that I didn’t have a cell phone then, or I would have taken pictures of them. (Thanks a lot MOM! lol)

Once dollar aisles became all the rage I bumped my gift giving up a notch. Seriously, how much easier could it get? The dollar aisle puts out a theme with all sorts of coordinating goodies that you just grab and go. I gave so many dollar-aisle gifts that my friends have enough post-it notes and magnets to last them through the apocolypse. Come to think of it, most of my friends are probably gifted out. Time to make a couple of new ones! 😉

When I got married I really went gift crazy…but it was just too much fun and I sooo appreciated my girls for all of their help & encouragement & patience during that time. Since I was using peacock feathers in the wedding decor it was always overly tempting to get basically anything with a peacock on it…so I usually did.

I have a problem. That much is obvious.

A couple of the more recent themed-gifts I’ve given were: a coffee-themed bag for my bestie K and a winter white elephant for the hosts of our Ugly Sweater party. My sister-in-law and brother-in-laws wedding this past weekend gave me another chance to put together a fun gift…this time in a dog theme! Check it out…

One of the scrappy frames I’ve been making in cute puppy prints & a “ruff” banner…


“Puppy Love” Banner


And…4 colorful canvases…yay!


Okay, okay…there is a point to this gift…they can put their handprints, and their pups paw prints, on each canvas to hang in their home! Pinterest inspired, of course!


They are big dog lovers, so I knew this would be a fun gift, especially as they look forward to having their own home one day. (They are also big black & white decor lovers, so this was my shot at getting a little color into their house. *wink*)

All great fun…but it leaves me wondering…what’s next?! 🙂


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