Calendars make my heart happy.

Last week I went shopping with a couple of my girlfriends…it was *glorious*…filled with Starbucks & breadsticks & girl talk & shopping. (But not much spending…we were good!) As we meandered down our favorite rows in Target, I found myself running my fingers over yearly planners and just drooling. I didn’t end up with one, because the last several planners I’ve bought have gone unused…but there was a time when my planner was my life.

I’ve always been a lover of schedules and school supplies. I went to a small high school where I was involved in everything from band to Ag/FFA to athletics to academic competitions. Add to that church & family activities…and you can see why I learned to keep track of everything in one central location. In college my planner became like an additional appendage…if it wasn’t in my planner then it just wasn’t going to happen.

I have literally been known to write something in my planner AFTER it was already done, or to make lists just so that I could mark items off. It’s nerdy, I know.

So with the addition of my new desk and a new year, I thought it was the perfect time for a new calendar! I may or may not have spent a little more on it than was practical, but I needed something that would be just right. I found this over-sized desk calendar at Paper Source…it has simple lines & bold colors, all on brown bag paper. I love it’s look!


I used a gold sharpie to write all of my to-do’s…adding fun little pictures to make it look pretty!


Happy 28th to me…my birthday is coming up this month!


January is already filling up…what do you have coming up this month?


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