Pretty as can be…

Hello again! I would normally say “TGIF”…but in this case, I’ve had almost 2 weeks off and find myself having to go back to work. On a Friday. It really isn’t so bad…I have the day to work in my room and prepare for all the kinder-babies return on Monday. Christmas vacation can’t last forever after all. So while I’m toiling away, I thought I’d leave you with a few more pictures of the pretties I added to our home over the last few weeks. I’d like to imagine that as you read this you are snuggled up on your couch with a big cup of coffee…that’s certainly where I wish I was!

Huxley looking quite regal at my desk…hehe…he hates having his picture taken!


This plate was another gift from Mom…it’s so much fun! You can change the ribbon, use it as a platter or as decor, and you can even write on it as a kitchen notepad of sorts!


Our “winterized” living room. I found new chalkboard printables on Pinterest for the buffet, added pinecones here and there, and put up my winter banners. On the coffee table is the book I made of the Christmas cards we received this year…it’s simple and provides an easy way to go back year after year and remember friends!


This was my big gift from my Secret Santa at school…everyone who sees it agrees that I had a good one!


And here it is! The banner from our family pictures repurposed & added to an old window that I found at a new antique shop downtown! It’s called “Merrimac & North”…and if you ever find yourself in MW you need to check it out for sure!


One of Huxley’s Christmas presents…new water & food bowls! I used a gold sharpie to add the detail…


The other new addition to our home is the treadmill in the dining room…which makes me happy, considering how cold it’s been outside! I’m such a baby when it comes to the cold!



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