Burlap & Lace

If there is one person in the world who knoooooooooows me, it’s definitly my Momma. Chris can’t quite predict what will be my style as quickly as she can…but since he’s only known me about a 1/5th of the time she has, we won’t hold it against him.

On one of our little mini-visits, I took Mom downtown to a little antique shop in MW and pointed out a table that I was in love with. It was actually a dining table that had been cut in half, but my vision was to turn it into a desk. It was a tad bit too expensive for my budget…and I’m horrible at negotiating / talking people down…so the table remained a dream.

When Christmas rolled around Mom decided the table would be the perfect gift…and a great suprise! It was both…and I am so, so happy with it. Once I got back into town the husband and I went to pick it up and then I spent the bulk of the day shopping / decorating / tweaking until I had everything just right. Most of my “desky” stuff is in the newly repurposed game/desk closet…one day I may decide I need it more on-hand and put it on the desk, but for now I like the pretty arrangement I came up with.

As always, I must give credit where credit is due…Pinterest! Never before have I been so in love with mason jars, burlap, lace, fabric flowers, & chalkboards. I tried to incorporate a little of each…plus a little “Heather-flavor.”

3 legs add an interesting visual element…and don’t you just love the distressed apple green color?!


I repainted my stool with a more neutral goldish color…it fits perfectly underneath!


A combination of old and new, color and texture…


To change the lamp up a little, I added a burlap banner….h + c!


I’ve had the encyclopedia set for quite a while…they’ve been waiting for a set-up just like this! I added burlap & lace ribbon for an accent, then used tiny clothespins to add a scrapbook embellishment. The chicken isn’t antique, but I’ve always loved their look! The frame is new, but I added the color as a fun little touch…


The little glass jar is full of buttons from my sweet Pappy’s button collection. The tall green candleholder was a gift from one of my fab friends (she was tired of watching me drool over it in a store we visited often) and the rest of this arrangement is repurposed from other places in our home! I also found ways to sneak in the power cord for the laptop and my iPhone charger for easy access.


I found this anchor button in Pappy’s button collection and chose to keep it out separately as a reminder to stay anchored in Christ!


There are a few books I need on hand, so I turned a wicker basket on it’s side to hold them. The wire basket on top is new, as is the glass dome with pinecones. The mason jars hold office supplies, and I spray painted a little apple cider glass gold…it’s the perfect home for my spare little clothespins…

069 068

*Sigh* I think it’s just lovely! I ordered a beautiful calendar made of brown butcher paper that will both coordinate and protect the desk as I work/write on it. I enjoyed putting it all together…thanks for gifting me with my inspiration piece!


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6 thoughts on “Burlap & Lace

  1. Dee Richards

    Love the Heather – flavor! The desk and all the added touches look great! Enjoy your new desk! What a sweet Mom, to surprise you with just what you wanted! 🙂

  2. Diana Rogers

    Heather, this is so cute! I have bedside tables made from one large beside table cut in half and I love the perfect size they are now. You have talent both in decorating and in writing!

  3. You are welcomed! Shopping for you is so easy because you actually do drool when you see something that inspires you. Drool=successful gift, usually I don’t think you are surprised…but I think I got you this time!???


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