A God-Sized Resolution

New Years Resolutions…some are for ’em, some are against ’em…and heck, some have already broken ’em. I’ve been mulling a few things over for 2013, but I’m trying not to put the “resolution” pressure on them.

For example, I want to get back to running. I took the month off, but I have a 5K scheduled, a borrowed treadmill in my dining room, and the knowledge that I did it faithfully for 5 months…and that by the grace of God I can do it faithfully again. But did I run today? No. That doesn’t mean I can’t do it tomorrow, or the day after though.

See, it seems like the tricky thing about a resolution is that once you “break it”…well then you might as well give up on trying to complete it until next year. I don’t want that to be the case with the things I’ve got in mind, so I’m trying to be more low-key about it.

At Sunday School this past week, my teacher challenged us to think of a God-sized resolution…something that can only be accomplished when God gets involved. (Kind of like the running thing for me this past fall!) Tonight He led me to our resolution – Hiding His word in my heart. A friend of mine, one whom I am so encouraged by and I don’t think she even knows it, introduced me to something called “The Verses Project” several weeks ago. I’ve kept it up on my iPad ever since, but haven’t taken the next step.

Then my Lord whispered in my ear that it was time to begin.

So that’s where I’m at. I have never quote “been good” at memorizing scripture. I wasn’t in bible drill, I haven’t dedicated lots of time or energy to it…hanging it all over my mirrors doesn’t seem to do the trick. But the author of that scripture can write it on my heart…and I pray that for Him to do so becomes the desire of my heart. I am within 20 days of reading through the entire bible in a year, so the groundwork has definitely been laid. I think “The Verses Project” will be a big help as well.

I’m not going to set defined goals, such as a verse per week. I’m going to try to take the “I” out of this whole ordeal and turn my eyes on Jesus.

If you are interested in checking out “The Verses Project” for yourself, you can check it out here. Each week they add a new verse, and each verse always comes with a short devo, a song to help you learn it, and backgrounds for various mobile devices. This weeks verse is very timely…and definitely an encouragement for the new year!

Joshua 1:9 – “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Hum…even if you venture into the land of scripture memory. *wink*


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2 thoughts on “A God-Sized Resolution

  1. That’s the kind of “resolution” I was trying to get you all to take at Christmas ~ Remember the Christmas ornament?? I’m glad you’ve been shown by our Father what He wants you to resolve. HUGS sweet girl!

  2. Love this and love you! We can help keep each other accountable on the verses if you want to. I’m loving the verse/song for this week. You are a treasure, friend! Love reading about how The Lord is working in your life!


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