Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Ahhhhh…hear that?

If you’re a teacher I bet you do…

That’s the sweetly quiet sound of Christmas break.

And it’s here! 🙂

I love my sweet kinder-babies, but the truth is that we have been workin’ hard…really hard…since August, and all of our brains need a little break! The last couple of weeks have been filled with regular learning (well, truth be told the last week and a half have been filled with learning), plus Christmas crafts, plus report card testing, plus prepping for our Christmas program, plus…you get the idea.

But now the last Christmas carol has been sung (yes, our Kinders were adorable, as always)…the party has been cleaned up (yes, Kinders can be pigs)…and the classroom is restored to a more normal order for our return in January. I hope all my kiddos have a safe, warm, & fun Christmas with their families, just as I wish for my students and myself.

I’ll leave you with one wildly funny story from a few days ago…starring one of the sassiest little girls I know. See ya on January 7th Kinders!


From the mouths of babes…

(Scene) – Our classroom, late afternoon…Christmas tunes are blaring, tissue paper is flying, and kids are scattered everywhere working on their Grinch tissue-paper art project. Teacher is in the mix, working and talking and serenading her students.

Sassy Girl: Hey teacha’, did you know I got the rhythms?

Teacher: You got the rhythms huh? How many rhythms you got girl?

Sassy Girl (as she dances & prances around her chair): I don’t know…how many rhythms do y’all think I got?

Boy shouts out: 27!

Sassy Girl: You got it! I got 27 rhythms…I’ve even got french rhythms! Y’all wanna see?

And that, my friends, is how a Christmas dance party breaks out in a Kindergarten classroom.

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