Tacky Sweater Party…*BLING* edition

Ah…the beloved “Tacky Sweater Party.” I can’t quite remember when these became such a big deal…but I know that I’ve been to several such parties over the years. Usually I borrow a sweatshirt of my mom’s that is painted with a tree & all sorts of woodland creatures decorating it. I guess it qualifies as an “Ugly Sweater”…but seeing it just makes me think of Christmas. I’m kind of nostalgic about it actually…

Mom has never seemed to mind that I borrow it for said parties, but there are plenty of women out there who are more than a little offended by this whole phenomenon. Several ladies that I’ve known and loved for most of my life wear Christmas sweaters this time of year, and I think it’s fun that they “feel festive & they show it.” So, even though they’ve never known the effect they’ve had on me in this area, I’ve really tried to participate in “Tacky Sweater” parties in a way that would not be offensive to them if they saw the pics.

For example, last year we had a contest at our faculty Christmas party. Definitely a risky environment….teachers are like a breeding ground for bejeweled sweaters….so I decided to wear my mom’s sweatshirt for fun but really go big with a “tacky headband.” I took a basic Christmas tree headbands (yes, those do exist in dollar aisles around this time of year) and attached pipe cleaners, bows, sprigs of glittery balls (what would you call those things exactly?) and basically as much gaudiness as it could hold. It was fun.

But this year, I decided to take things to a whoooooole new level.

See, a couple of months back I came across a picture of a girl who had turned a poofy green bridesmaid dress into a Christmas tree costume. Pretty original, I thought. I immediately remembered a green dress that I had hanging in my closet, and knew the time had come for it to make it’s way out into the world…in all it’s shining glory!

I’ve had this dress for years now…I bought it at Goodwill on a girls’ shopping trip once because I have a weakness for gloriously hideous dresses. When I bought I knew that the perfect occasion would evenutally present itself <who doesn’t need a floor length, long sleeved, green sequined dress hanging in their closet?!>, so it was worth the investment. <A couple of Halloween’s ago I considered using it as my “Statue of Liberty” costume…I’m glad I didn’t!>

Just in case you are one of those people, you know…one of the people with a ridiculously wonderful green dress hanging in your closet…I thought I’d give you a quick tutorial on how to make a gloriously-tacky-Christmas-tree-dress.

Gather your supplies. It helps if you are a kindergarten teacher who works with pipe cleaners, fuzzy balls, and hot glue on a regular basis. Throw in a little tinsel, a few beads, and…what the hey…a few small plastic ornaments.


Heat that hot glue gun up and go for it girl! There is no wrong answer here…just let the tinsel fall where it may!


Add a few…or a lot…of fuzzy balls and plastic ornaments. <I suggest only using the plastic ornaments on the front of the dress…wouldn’t want to go around sitting on / breaking ornaments now would we? That would make us feel pretty silly…>


Repeat with the bottom portion of the dress. Add a red bead tiered necklace, a headband bedecked with a pipe cleaner / tinsel star, and the most fabulous pair of party shoes you own. Find an unsuspecting / totally embarrassed husband to take your picture…then just let it all shine!


And that’s all there is to it…and in case you are wondering, I did indeed win the “prize” at the party…check out my medal below. 🙂 The husband did finally agree to take a picture with me…I think he looks pretty cute in his Christmas t-shirt. *wink*


It was definitely a dress to remember…I’m thinking maybe next year I’ll add some battery operated lights. 😉


P.S. – The party was great fun as well…fabulous friends, delicious food, and silly white elephant gifts made for a great night!

P.S.S. – If there is anyone out there who is offended because they have this dress and wear it on a normal, regular basis…then…um…gosh. I’m sorry?! 😉

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