Christmas Cookie Exchange!

I was invited to attend my first-ever cookie exchange at the beautiful home of a lady from our church a last weekend. Cookies?! Oh, I’m so there.

In case you aren’t familiar with the whole cookie-exchange protecol, here are the basics. You bake several dozen cookies (six, in this case) and take them to the party…where you refill your tray with samples of everyone’s cookies.

Sounds easy, right?!

If only that were so. I’m not going to go into a long, drawn out dramatic tale of my cooking woes…mostly because I think my sweet friends are tired of hearing about it. So here’s the cliff notes.

*Saw an interesting recipe on Pinterest: Lemon Burst Cookies

*Testing said recipe…concluding with batter “bursting” all over my kitchen (I’m *still* cleaning that up.)

*Spent hours trying to find a new acceptable recipe

*Settled on covered oreos in almond bark & with  crushed peppermint on top

*Changed my mind at the last moment and put the crushed peppermint *in* the almond bark

*Regretted that decision, but continued messily covering oreos

*Felt sorry for myself because of my ugly cookies

*Took them to the party where I got lots of compliments…and was told to pretty much get over it


They really did turn out fine…just not as “beautiful” as I had planned on them being in my head. 😛  What was beautiful was the tray of cookies I came home with! Our hostess provided each lady with a personalized cookie tray, and just take a gander at all those yummy cookies!!


When I got home Chris and I taste tested a few, then I packaged most of them up to give to principals and secretaries at my school. Oh, the ones in the jar, you say? Yeah…those were for us to keep. Delish.



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One thought on “Christmas Cookie Exchange!

  1. My Granddad always would say about anything baked, “If it looks good, it’s probably horrible!” Not sure I believe that, but every time something doesn’t turn out the way I imagined it to, I always think about my grandfather! Maybe that’s why he said it!!! Hugs, and can’t wait to see you and Chris again!


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