Homemade Christmas

This is Chris’ and my 3rd Christmas together as a married couple…and I love making our house cozy and warm for the holidays. Our first Christmas was spent combining important decorations from his past and mine, plus adding a few of our own and weeding out my crazy bright single-girl decor. Our tree was small, leaning to the left a little, and more than a little sad. <I think I had paid $5 for it a couple of years before…> It was a special tree to me though, because I used leftover ribbon and feathers from our wedding to decorate the tree, along with gold ornaments. Very sentimental and sweet for newlyweds.

After Christmas that year we took the plunge and bought a beautiful nine-foot, pre-lit tree. It was perfect…except that it was the display and didn’t come with a box. After a bit of shopping around (we needed a BIG storage solution) I found two different tubs to store it in. The second year I went with a “Silver and Gold” theme, after the song that Yukon Cornelius sings in “Rudolph.” It was beautiful, but a bit more “formal” feeling than what we wanted to go for long term.

I found inspiration for our next tree shortly after that 2nd Christmas…on Pinterest of course! Red & Tiffany Blue…it looked trendy & beautiful, so I set out to do that for the next year. Although I bought a few ornaments on sale, I had trouble finding the exact colors I was looking for…as I did this year when Christmas rolled around again. Most of the blues were either too dark or too teal. Plus there is the whole budget issue…

So with all that in mind I set out to make my own ornaments using simple starter ornaments and coordinating scrapbook paper / stickers. I wanted the tree to have a sweet, vintage feel to it…a homemade Christmas of sorts. On Thanksgiving night, once the dishes were cleared and the kitchen was clean, I spread out my craft supplies, warmed up the glue gun, and tried my hand at homemade ornaments….

*I adorned plastic balls with jewels, ribbon, & lace…

*Added blue bows & red glitter to my clear glass balls…

*Attached blue bows & scrapbook stickers to red glittery foam ornament cutouts…

*Cut out & glued glittery circles onto small doilies…

*Used doilies, glitter paper, and ribbon to make fun little corsage/badge/thingymabobs…not really sure what you call them…

It took me the better part of the next day to get everything on the tree. Of course, there was a little snafu with the lights (Note to myself next year: the lights are NOT burnt out on the second section of the tree. There are just multiple plugs that must be connected.) that was resolved after a little hair pulling. The tinsel caused a tangle for a moment, (didn’t have quite enough) but once I got it up & the mesh ribbon puffed correctly things sped up a bit.

After fluffing and adding and rearranging and tying little yarn bows to complete the look, I was pretty happy with it. I wish I had more ornaments, and a bigger star for the top…but all in all, I think it’s beautiful.

026032 031 028 027013

Even Huxley loves it. 🙂 I think my favorite part of having a Christmas tree up is the light that it gives off…it just makes me feel warm & happy. 🙂 Oh, and see our “tree skirt?” It’s actually a super long tablecloth from our wedding…it’s quite handy, that thing.


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One thought on “Homemade Christmas

  1. Alexis

    Love it!


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